Anderson’s Announcments

SEA side with Chery 10-5-17

Good Morning. Happy Conferences!! 2 concerns came up at our Executive Board Meeting this past Monday that I wanted to highlight for you. They are as follows and may pertain to the elementary staff more than the jr high. These are direct answers from Dr. Knoll; she was, as always, very helpful and if anyone […]

SEA side with Chery 9-21-17

Happy (almost) Fall! Not much like fall weather but we will get there I’m sure. Not much today! Confidentiality – taking a colleague instead of a building rep with you to a meeting with an administrator is not the best idea. Building reps are trained and have information that other members do not. Your membership […]

SEA-side with Chery 9-14-17

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great morning! Short SEAside today J On Thursday, Sept 21st, the district is holding a Committee of the Whole @ 5:45 at the PLC. I would love to see some members attend, if possible. The Committee of the Whole is an overview of the district plans for the […]

SEA side with Chery 9-7-17

Happy September! More MAP this week and I am hoping it is going very well. I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome to Crystal Bush, our new UniServ director. Crystal comes to us from Harper College where she was teaching law. Crystal has a teaching background (high school history) and was an attorney. She […]

SEA-side with Chery 8-31-17

Happy Thursday – I hope Map testing is going well for all.   A number of you have contacted me regarding the middle school endorsement that pops up when you enter your CPDUs in ELIS on the ISBE website (that enough acronyms in a sentence for ya?) We are in compliance here is D54. The […]

SEA-side with Chery 8-24-17

It’s a terrific Thursday! I hope you all agree!! Attachment for today: Unique work days calendar – this calendar shows you the days that we should not be taking off without a written excuse according to our contract. If you have questions, please contact your building rep. News for today: We can all agree that […]

SEA-side with Chery 8-10-17

Just an early SEAside for those that are already in the buildings. Welcome back! I sincerely hope your summer was what you had hoped it would be. A couple of very important attachments: Our current salary schedule Volunteer opportunities to support our Foundation during Septemberfest – if you are interested, please contact Donna Anderson @ […]