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Thursday, September 24, 2015   Happy Thursday – I hope all is going well.  Enjoy If you are having an issue at your building, difficult conversations may have to be had. We need to all try to work these out with together first because we work with each other every day. If you have an […]

December Election Results

December 2013 SEA Election Results Thank you to our wonderful ballot counters: Judy Stewart, Chery Anderson, Bridget Smith, Yolanda Kocemba, Kris Beaudette, and Kathy Petersdorf 2014 IEA Representative Assembly Delegates: Connie S. Ernst (629 votes) Kris Beaudette (629 votes) Phyllis Ardagh (627 votes) Mark Fletcher (642 votes) Chery Anderson (636 votes) Lori Mobley (636 votes) […]