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DATE: March 6, 2014

The present contractual agreement between the Schaumburg Education Association and the Board of Education of SD 54 will be expiring June 30, 2015. Much is written and published about the process of negotiations; however, little is said about the pre-planning and preparation which must take place prior to actually going to the negotiations table.  Collective bargaining is much like an iceberg – most is below the water and is not visible in the process. This hidden aspect of preparing for bargaining does not do justice to defining its real importance in the negotiation process. It is absolutely vital that we begin now the careful preparations necessary to engage in collective bargaining. Although more than a year away, preparation must be done months prior to actually commencing the bargaining process at the table. One of the first tasks that a local association must address is the selection of the negotiations team. It is imperative that two fundamental considerations be made. First, that bargaining team members be strong and competent advocates for the local — members who command the respect of their peers as well as the respect of management. Second, the bargaining team must be able to represent the various divergent interests in our local. This is why I come to you today, to request that you consider serving our Association as a bargaining team member.  As per the bylaws of our Association, as President, I am to make the appointment of a Negotiations Chair and committee.  Along with the Executive Officers of the SEA, I will be considering the following criteria when making this decision.

CRITERIA FOR SELECTION OF MEMBERS 1. Interest groups from different grade levels, departments or buildings — active men and women who are committed to the cause. 2. Leaders with real ability and stamina who will commit the time. 3. Those who know how to listen, when to talk, when to keep still, and who are vigorous but have control over their emotions. 4. Those who are capable of looking objectively at problems and issues. 5. Persons with high intelligence and sound judgment who are respected by the membership. I hope that you will give serious thought to this very important request.  If not at this time, you may know of someone who exemplifies these criteria, please encourage them to apply or share that information with your building reps or myself.

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