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Dear SEA members,

In light of the Janus case decision we just wanted to take a moment to pass on some information from the IEA. Below are some facts about the group who are sending out emails to “help you” drop your association membership. Please read it so you are well informed. Continue to the bottom for some final words from us.

Subject: Betsy DeVos Just Asked You to Drop Membership

Yes. Really.

You may have recently received an email from an organization called MyPayMySay. As the email shows, this organization is funded by the Mackinac Center, from Michigan.[1]

Who funds the Mackinac Center? That’s right—Betsy DeVos and her family.[2]

Have a look.

The Mackinac Center is dedicated to privatizing public education and expanding state and national voucher programs.[3] They see your local association and IEA as standing in the way of their profit and political agenda.


And a big part of their strategy is to weaken your local association and IEA to make it harder to get the funding, salaries, benefits, and working conditions you deserve.


The people who sent that email don’t have your best interests in mind.


Learn more at Stronger United


A strong union benefits YOU


  • Illinois teacher salaries are, on average, $11,000 PER YEAR higher than surrounding states with weaker bargaining laws and low membership.
  • Over the course of a 35-year career, you make $409,000 more!
  • Having a strong state and local association means we can speak out for kids.
  • Having a strong state and local association means we can effectively negotiate salaries, benefits, and quality teaching and learning conditions.

Learn more at Stronger United

We value your membership. We’re proud that you are a member.

So, don’t risk your contract. Let’s let Betsy DeVos and her billionaire friends know that we are stronger together.


They really are not doing this to “help you” but to help those who are out to destroy our exceptional union and public education in our country. We hope you understand that the SEA, SEEO, IEA and NEA truly do have your best interest at heart and are willing to ALWAYS stand behind you, next to you and even in front of you to protect your rights and those of your students to ensure the BEST public education available.
We are asking you to continue to support all these associations, financially, so we may continue to support and protect your livelihood.
Chery Anderson, SEA President
Lori Mobley, SEA President elect
Kathy Jesuit, SEEO President


IEA information on Janus Case


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