Mobley’s Monday Message 10-18-21

Happy Monday SEA!

Here is this week’s edition of the Monday Message

Also attached to this email is the October Contract Tidbits which reviews the language in our contract regarding duty free lunches.  

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Looking forward to seeing our SEA Building Reps and Exec Board at today’s Building Rep meeting from 3:30-5 PM at the PLC!

Mobley’s Monday Message 10-11-21

Hello SEA!

Hope you are enjoying this long weekend!  I am grateful for the unusually warm fall weather and extra time outdoors with my family.  

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Also, several members have notified me regarding strange emails they have received from me over the past couple weeks.  Please know, the only two email accounts I use would be or  Other emails are likely a phishing scam and need to be reported.  

Mobley’s Monday Message 10-4-2021

Good morning, SEA!

I want to start off this week by saying welcome all of our District 54 Psychologists to the SEA!  It was a yearlong process, but we are glad to have finally made it official last week.  I have attached a copy of the Order of Certification the SEA and District 54 received last week.  

You will also find attached to this email a copy of the signed Memorandum of Understanding for the 2021-2022 School Year.  Because of this agreement, you received information last week from Danette Meyer regarding making the request for a COVID-19 Related Leave.  10 administrative leave days are now available for this current school year.  This form you need to use to request use of these days, or to request your days back if you already had a COVID-19 related leave, is attached. This form can be found in the SEA Shared Folder.

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Mobley’s Monday Message 9-27-2021

Good morning, SEA!

Hope you got to spend some time in the outdoors or maybe even walked or ran in D54’s Virtual Run to Read event. It sure was a beautiful first weekend of fall!

Contract proposals are due at the end of the day today as our Research Team has their first meeting today afterschool.  Click here to submit an online proposal by 3 PM.  

Attached is this week’s edition of the Monday Message and here are the important links for you:

May your week be full with sunshine and laughter!

Mobley’s Monday Message 9-20-2021

Good Morning SEA,

Attached is your weekly Monday Message from me, as well as SEA and SEEO’s Code of Conduct which includes information about Care to Confront meetings.  This is something we review each year and will be taking the time at today’s Building Rep Training for those new building reps who will be in attendance.  Be sure to thank your building reps, whether they are new or have been fulfilling this role for some time now, as we all know there have been even more situations that have come up over the past two years thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some helpful links from today’s Monday Message: 

Mobley’s Message 9-13-2021

Good morning, SEA!

Attached is a copy of your Monday Message for the week of September 13 as well as some other important information and links:

Every week comes with a chance for you to write some success story…make it a special one for you!

Mobley’s Monday Message 9-6-2021

Happy Labor Day, SEA!

Hope you are making the most of this three-day weekend!  Here is this week’s edition of the Monday Message.  

Here are some important links:

Be sure to check out SEA’s New Shared Drive using your D54 Google Account.  You may need to ‘unhide’ the drive to view it.  Directions are in the Monday Message.

Enjoy your day off today!

Mobley’s Monday Message 8-30-2021

Mobley’s Monday Message – 8/30/2021 Edition

Mobley’s Monday Message 8-23-2021

Happy 1st Day of School to our Kindergarten and Early Learning Center Educators!  

Hope it is a great day for everyone!

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Mobley’s Monday Message 8-16-2021

Welcome Back SEA members!

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