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Mobley’s Monday Message 9-17-18

“Your life as a teacher begins the day you realize that you are always a learner.” ~Robert John Meehan


Happy Monday! The district created a new distribution list for me to send out these Monday Messages with. If you are receiving this email by accident and are not an SEA member, please let me know.


Today afterschool is our first Building Representative Meeting of the year in the Board Room from 3:30-5:00 PM. After today’s meeting, your building reps will be scheduling their monthly meeting with members and another meeting with administration to go over some of the highlights from the meeting. Be sure to share any questions, concerns, or shout-outs you have with your building reps so they are sure to share them with us.


At this point of the school year, everyone should be aware of which building level administrator will be evaluating you. Additionally, you should have received a copy of the following either electronically or written: a copy of the Framework for teaching or appropriate Specialist Work and a summary of the district’s teacher appraisal procedures related for non-tenured and tenured staff.


Some of you may have already scheduled your first pre-conference meeting and/or initial meeting date for Student Growth Plan. As a reminder, your Student Growth Plan may occur during pre-/post-conferences. Both assessments for Student Growth plans must be agreed to by November 1st for non-tenured teachers and for tenured teachers on year two of the cycle.   Click here to view our appraisal plan available on SEA’s website.


A great visual for appraisal is the “Appraisal Process At-A-Glance Calendar” on page 23 of the appraisal plan. I have attached a copy of this timeline to my email. For any appraisal questions this year, you can contact SEA’s Appraisal Chair, Cynthia Dressler (ELC) via email at cynthiadressler@sd54.org or Cynthia60133@gmail.com.


This Wednesday is not only a Teacher In-Service Day, but it is also District 54’s Education Foundation’s fundraiser at Lou Malnati’s. Both the Lou Malnati’s on Roselle Road and Barrington Road are participating. Just mention the fundraiser and Lou Malnati’s will donate 20% of your pre-tax purchase (excluding alcohol) from every dine-in, carryout, or delivery (within zone). You could have your lunch delivered for the In-Service day! Yummy Lou’s pizza and salads…I can just taste them now!


Did you know District 54’s Education Foundation has committed to raising enough money to fund breakfast programs in all of our schools? $1 buys breakfast for a student for a day. $200 buys breakfast for a student for a year. $10,000 sponsors an entire school for a year. To learn more or donate to “Food 4 Thought” visit the Foundation’s website.


Don’t forget to order your SEA Spirit Wear and use the access code SEASEA.  Click here to order your Spirit Wear.


Lastly, we are having an SEA member outing on Wednesday, October 10th, at Fox & Hound (1416 N. Roselle Rd, Schaumburg) beginning at 3:30 PM (come when your staff development is over). It’s an opportunity to meet the new SEA leadership and mingle with members across our district. If you are interested in attending, reply to my email so I can reserve the right amount of space for us. Mark your calendars!


Think back to the peak moment from your weekend and be sure to share with a staff member today! I know many of us have something to look forward to this upcoming weekend: RUN TO READ! Let me know if you are running or volunteering at this great event. I hope to see you there!



Important dates in September:

September 17th: SEA Building Representative Meeting 3:30 PM Board Room

September 23rd: Run to Read – Run with SEA!

September 24th: SEA Building Representatives Training 3:30 PM PLC

September 25th: Early Career Teacher’s Trivia Night 5-7 PM @Mead

September 28th: Last day to order SEA Spirit Wear


Upcoming Events:

October 11th: SEA Member Outing – “Meet the SEA Leadership” Fox & Hound (1416 N. Roselle Rd., Schaumburg) beginning at 3:30 PM or whenever you can get there!


Let’s celebrate the week ahead nationally:

Monday, September 17th: National Monte Cristo Day

Tuesday, September 18th: National Cheeseburger Day

Wednesday, September 19th: National Talk like a Pirate Day

Thursday, September 20th: National String Cheese Day

Friday, September 21st: National POW/MIA Recognition Day



Lori Mobley

Schaumburg Education Association President


Cell: (847) 344-5249

Office @IKE: (847) 357-5450



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Mobley’s Monday Message 9-10-18

“Our job is to teach the students we have. Not the ones we would like to have. Not the ones we used to have. Those we have right now. All of them.”

-Dr. Kevin Maxwell



I just wanted to take a moment to share with you SEA’s mission.

Our mission in the SEA is…

To advocate for our membership and to provide leadership for them in such areas as professionalism, ethical standards, member welfare, and political advocacy


To be educational leaders and effective, caring teachers in the classroom


To advocate for the welfare of all school children.


To engage in political action to enact legislation that supports public education.


You are leaders! You are effective, caring educators!   You are professionals and able to handle any difficult situation. Take time to care to confront when you see a situation differently than someone else.


I know we are not already counting down to the last day of school yet, however I just wanted to make sure we have the correct dates on our calendars. The District 54 pocket calendars we recently received does not include the student non-attendance day (formerly known as Record’s Day) after the last day of school. If there are NO emergency days used, this day would be Friday, May 31st, which is a full-day of staff attendance. Up to five emergency days can be used, which means the potential having June 6th as the last day for students and June 7th as the last day for staff. Please do not schedule any vacations until Saturday, June 8th…just in case.


Attached to these email you can find the list of Financial Planners who are approved by District 54. These people can help you set up 403(b) plans. Later in the year, the SEA schedules visits with an approved service provider to your buildings. I wanted to send this list out as some members have been receiving emails from other groups not on the district’s list.


Another attachment to this emails are directions on how to register to vote. If you aren’t registered, take a few minutes to go online and get registered soon.


Here is the link to our online SEA Spirit Wear order: http://coachsassistant.gtmsportswear.com/d54so. The access code is: SEASEA. Order anytime through then end of September. Although tomorrow is “Better Together Tuesday”, it is also Patriot Day, so I would encourage you to be wearing red, white, and blue in observance of September 11, 2001.


Throughout the month of September I am visiting your buildings to meet with your administrators and our UniServ Director, Crystal Bush. Last week I visited Dooley, Enders-Salk, Aldrin, and Hanover Highlands. This week’s visits will be to Fairview, Fox, Hoover, Blackwell, Frost, Mead, Link, Nerge, and Einstein. It’s a great experience for me to talk to your principals and walk around your buildings to see the warm, inviting environments which welcome students and staff each day.


Keep making a difference in your schools and for your students!


Important dates in September:

September 17th: SEA Building Representative Meeting 3:30 PM Board Room

September 23rd: Run to Read – Run with SEA!

September 24th: SEA Building Representatives Training 3:30 PM PLC

September 28th: Last day to order SEA Spirit Wear


Time to think about how you can celebrate this week:

Monday, September 10th: National Swap Ideas Day…sounds like our PLC meetings!

Tuesday, September 11th: Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance

Wednesday, September 12th: National Day of Encouragement

Thursday, September 13th: National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

Friday, September 14th: National Cream Filled Donut Day





Lori Mobley

Schaumburg Education Association President


Cell: (847) 344-5249

Office @IKE: (847) 357-5450


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Mobley’s Message 8-27-18

“A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love, and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dreams.”     ~Unknown


To all of the educators at the Early Childhood Center and to all of our kindergarten teachers, today is the day you have been waiting for. Smiling faces to enter your classrooms for the first time this year! Well, maybe some of those faces won’t be smiling, but we know you are going to do be the one who brings sunshine to your classrooms.


Looking for some opportunities to help out District 54? The Schaumburg District 54 Education Foundation is looking for volunteers to help out with Septemberfest on Saturday, September 1st, through Monday, September 3rd. They are looking for people to help with the parking at Collins school on Saturday and Sunday of that weekend, as well as volunteers to help with the Riccardo’s food tent on Monday. If you are at all interested, contact Donna Anderson (donnaanderson@sd54.org), the foundation secretary to see what time slots are still available. I’ll be at the food tent Monday afternoon so stop by and say hi!


Another way you can help support district 54 is volunteering at Run to Read. This event is just a little less than a month away, Sunday, September 23rd. District 54 is always looking for volunteers to help out in various capacities that day. Check your email from Terri McHugh from last week to sign up. Or you could always sign up to run the 5K or participate in the family walk. Prices to up by $5 this Friday so register today! Join so of our SEA members who will be running and wearing our SEA shirts.


Speaking of SEA shirts, this year we would like to designate Tuesdays as “Better Together Tuesdays”. Every Tuesday, we would like for you to wear your SEA shirts. What? You don’t have an SEA shirt to wear? No worries, we now have an online link to order NEW SEA spirit wear: http://coachsassistant.gtmsportswear.com/d54so. The access code is: SEASEA. Make sure you type the code in all caps. Orders are due by September 28th. Your order will be shipped to us and then we will deliver them to by the end of October. Thank you to Kelly O’Reilly for organizing this for us.


Tomorrow, “Better Together Tuesday”, tweet a picture of you and any of your colleagues sporting your SEA shirts or just showing the power of collaboration in our district. Use the hashtags #BetterTogether #D54SEA.


I hope you have an amazing week with your students and staff. Take a moment to thank a colleague for the ways in which they have helped you start this year off right!


Upcoming Dates:

  • August 27th: SEA Executive Board Meeting 3:30 PM Board Room
  • September 1st-3rd: Volunteer at Septemberfest (contact Donna Anderson for more information)
  • September 17th: SEA Building Representative Meeting 3:30 PM Board Room
  • September 23rd: Run to Read – Run with SEA!
  • September 24th: SEA Building Representatives Training 3:30 PM PLC
  • September 28th: Last day to order SEA Spirit Wear



How are you going to celebrate this week?

Monday, August 27th: National Just Because Day (sounds like a day to pay it forward to a colleague)

Tuesday, August 28th: National Bow Tie Day

Wednesday, August 29th: National Chop Suey Day

Thursday, August 30th: National Toasted Marshmallow Day…time for a campfire!



Lori Mobley

Schaumburg Education Association President


Cell: (847) 344-5249

Office @IKE: (847) 357-5450


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Mobley’s Monday Message 8-20-18


“Education is the MOST powerful weapon for changing the world.”
–Nelson Mandel


You are about to change the world…you are about to change the world for a special group of children about to enter your buildings. Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year and to your membership to the Schaumburg Education Association.


On this first day of school, I hope you are filled with excitement to meet the students’ whose lives you are about to change. I hope you realize just how important you are going to be to each special child.


You are Important!


You are Important to our district. I think about the way our district has brought the Happiness Advantage to us as a way to help us make a positive difference in our buildings and to help us achieve our fullest potential. We have been reminded to celebrate and take time to invest in the people around us. At some point today, take a moment to share your gratitudes.


You are Important to our students and communities. You are going to change students’ lives and help them dream, believe, and achieve their goals. You are going to provide your students with a safe, caring environment they look forward to coming to each morning.


You are Important to the Schaumburg Education Association. When I think about the letters SEA, the “S” stands for Support, the “E” stand for Encourage, and the “A” stands for Advocate. These are the three most important things I will do for you as your association’s president.


And you are Important to our association.   We, together, are the SEA! I look forward to visiting your schools, working together, and supporting, encouraging, and advocating for you throughout this year.

There are several ways you can get in touch with me this year. My office is located at Eisenhower in Room 103, x. 5450. You can call my cell (847-344-5249) or reach me via my personal email: lorimobleysea@gmail.com. Visit our SEA Facebook page or follow SEA on Twitter @D54SEA. Feel free to share not just concerns, but what great things are happening in your buildings.   Enjoy your first week doing what you love and are called to do…making a difference!


Lori Mobley

Schaumburg Education Association President


Cell: (847) 344-5249

Office @IKE: (847) 357-5450 



Just for fun, what can you do this week to celebrate these National Days?

Monday, August 20th: National Pecan Pie Day

Tuesday, August 21st: National Senior Citizens Day

Wednesday, August 22nd: National Tooth Fairy Day

Thursday, August 23rd: National Ride the Wind Day

Friday, August 24th: National Waffle Day


SEA side with Chery 4-5-18

Ratification Meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 9th @ Eisenhower – in the gym – there are 2 sessions – one @ 2:45 and another @ 4. Please consider carpooling. If you cannot attend, please contact someone in your building who can relay the information to you. We cannot send out materials or detailed information by any means so it is imperative that you ask someone help you understand the changes that are being proposed. I will do my best to answer all questions that you have before Thursday, April 12th when you will be asked to vote to ratify the new contract.

With that thought in your mind – we need ballot counters on April 12th at the PLC room 101

Attached is our building reps for 18-19 – congrats! Thanks for offering your service to the association. Thanks to those who are moving on – we appreciate your hard work for us all.

General Meeting is just right around the corner, April 16th so if you haven’t written your name on the list, please see your building rep TODAYJ

BUILDING REPS – don’t forget to send Lori your RSVP numbers by the end of the school day today. We need to make sure you get your tickets on time!

Hope to see many of you @ Eisenhower on Monday!


SEA side with Chery 3-22-18

EXCITING NEWS – WE HAVE REACHED A TENTATIVE AGREEMENT WITH THE SCHOOL BOARD FOR OUR NEW CONTRACT. The team is busily preparing a power point and information sheet that will come out after spring break. We feel it is a good contract with many advances for our members. Watch your email for the date, time and place for the ratification meeting and the vote.


For those working on Taxes – SEA dues 16-17 were $749 w/$10 donation to FCPE (if you donated more or less you’ll need to adjust that number).


Below are the results of our elections from Monday. We do not have final totals for building reps as yet, Kelly is contacting the write-ins for confirmation. You will receive those ASAP. J


I wish that everyone has a fantastic spring break and finds the time to rest and relax as we push to the end of this school year. I know there is a ton of teaching and learning left and I know we will all reach higher than we ever have before and achieve the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.


Attached is the invitation to the General Meeting on April 16th at the Stonegate. That will also be the day that we will be voting at each building on ratification of our contract. If you attend the meeting, you will be among the firsts to find out if it passes. J I sincerely hope you can be there – food, prizes, 50/50 drawing, tons of information, a FANTASTIC SPEAKER – ERIC BROWN for the NEA, and just plain fun!!



March SEA Election Results

Election: March 13, 2017


Thank you to our wonderful ballot counters that gave up a good portion of their Monday evening to help count!!! It was greatly appreciated!


Ballot Counters: Bridget Smith, Ashley Houston, Stephanie Krizmis, Michelle Mason, Rosemary Hulina, Kara Zielinski




*Tally totals available upon request


2076 NEA Representative Assembly Delegates:

  • Cynthia Dressler
  • Daniel Argueta
  • Kelly O’Reilly
  • Carolina Arroyave
  • Victoria Mikos
  • Sandra Bostrom
  • Dan Levin (WI)


2017 NEA Representative Assembly 1st Alternate Delegate:

  • Colleen Grady (WI)


Region 35 Representative (2 year term):

  • Deanne DiDomenico
  • Michelle Mason
  • Cynthia Dressler
  • Michelle E. Burke
  • Laura Valenzano (WI)

WI = Write-In


Yours in Unity,


PS – Nothing but to tell you to have a restful and relaxing spring break

SEA side with Chery 3-15-18

It’s almost spring so naturally Mother Nature decided to grace us at least one more time with snow. I’m sure she will have other surprises in store for us – but hold on…the warm weather will be here soon!!


We have a rep meeting on Monday – Please pass on any questions or concerns you have to your building reps. AND…We need ballot counters on the 19th.  Here is a link to RSVP if you can help: https://goo.gl/forms/EHXmTYmB95jFEEBh2


VOTE VOTE VOTE – you get to vote twice in one week!! Monday we have elections in our buildings for building reps and NEA-RA and Region 35 positions. And then on Tuesday is the Primary for many races across Illinois – Don’t forget to voice your choice by voting both days!!!


MESSAGE FROM ISBE ABOUT RECERTIFICATION!! This year, more than 200,000 educators will have licenses up for renewal. To put this number in perspective, approximately 60,000 educator licenses are normally up for renewal in a given year. The 2018 renewal year is much larger than usual because it is the first year that educators who were issued a substitute teaching license (SUB) or educator license with stipulations endorsed for paraprofessional (ELS-PARA) in the 2013 certificate-to-licensure exchange will be able to renew these licenses. As we approach this licensure renewal season, we are focused on educators having the best experience possible with the Educator Licensure Information System. To prevent the system from overloading due to increased user traffic, ISBE will stagger renewal periods for educators according to license type.   Educators who hold a PEL and ELS-CTE license, with an expiration of 6/30/2018, may renew beginning April 1, 2018.


As a busy NEA member, your journey through life offers new adventures at every turn: enriching students, finding work/life balance and giving back to your community. We appreciate all that you do!

Our Wherever Your Journey Takes You…We’ll Be There campaign gives educators – like  you – the chance to win a new 2018 vehicle and ride in style courtesy of California Casualty, the endorsed provider of the NEA Auto & Home Insurance Program. Click here to enter: www.TakeAJourneyWithUs.com.


Volunteer at Feed My Starving Children – SEA and SEEO invites all employees of SD54 to join us Monday, May 14th from 6:00 – 7:30 – see the attached flyer to register!


Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!!