SEA’s Board of Education Statement – 6/11/2020

SEA’s Board of Education Statement – 6/11/2020   Lori Mobley, SEA President, speaking on behalf of my SEA Executive Board, and SEEO President Kathy Jesuit. Maybe some of you saw the statement that was released last week by the SEA. SEEO President Kathy Jesuit sent a similar message to her members. I would like to […]

SEA’s Commitments

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. As members of the SEA, we echo and affirm the words of NEA Today. “Black lives matter. Black youth matter. Black culture matters. To our black students, colleagues, parents and families: You matter. Your trauma matters. Your anger matters. Your voice matters. Your […]

Mobley’s Monday Message 5-25-2020

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Mobley’s Monday Message 5-18-2020

Mobely’s Monday Message

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Mobley’s Monday Message 5-4-2020

Links to register for NEA Events: The Impact of COVID-19 on Students and Educators on May 5 National Call to Action Conversation on May 6

Mobley’s Monday Message 4-27-2020

Mobley’s Monday Message 4-20-2020

Mobley’s Monday Message 4-13-2020

Mobley’s Monday Message 3-30-2020