President’s Message



As I send out various “FYIs…” in the course of the month… about pensions, about legislation, legislators  etc…  please be aware that my purpose is to keep you informed  about legislation that affects you, about politicians (Republican/ Democrats/Independents) whose decisions support or detract from issues that are critical to educators.

My intention is not to direct you to one party or another.


It is essential that unions such as the SEA/IEA are active in politics because every decision impacting our members is a political decision, in that the decision makers are either elected  officials or appointees of those officials.

Retired Illinois Senator John Millner   received a “Certificate of Appreciation”  at the D54 School Board Meeting  on         January 24th.  Senator Millner  thanked the district leadership and the SEA leadership for helping  guide him throughout his career in the Illinois State Senate.  Senator Millner recognized the key role our teachers’ unions  have played in his distinguished career & the role we played in “educating” him and his colleagues on the impact of various legislative actions upon the educational environment.

No matter your political affiliation, be active in legislative decisions that affect education!  Our legislators are not experts in the field of education, we are!   They  need our voices to help them lead Illinois into the future.

Stay informed…  speak to your legislators, your neighbors and  your friends… about educational issues.  Go to and to

Stay informed… advocate for education, for your students,

for yourself!!!

Our voices are critical in leading our profession forward!


Paul Beranek

SEA President

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