SEA-side with Chery 4-28-16

Morning! There is a great deal going on in the district as we begin to close down the school year. The next few SEAsides could be lengthy but please stay with me!

  • Next week is Teacher Appreciation with Tuesday being National Teacher Day. Don’t forget to thank your school nurse on Wednesday which is National School Nurse Day.
  • Renewal information went out to all district employees this past week from Diana Peters.
  • Linda Stolt, a retired teacher from Schaumburg and current president of the IEA-Retired Northwest Suburban chapter, has been selected by the Illinois Education Association as this year’s recipient of the Mary Lou and Keith Hauge Retiree of the Year Award. Stolt was recognized for the award on Thursday in front of some 1,200 association delegates, guests and state dignitaries at the IEA’s annual Representative Assembly in Rosemont.
  • I wanted to let you know about a wonderful opportunity the Illinois Education Association Palatine Office is offering next month.  The IEA Regions 34, 35 (Schaumburg), 42, 43, 64 and High School District 214 cordially invite you to a screening of the movie PAPER TIGERS.  This event is free to those interested in attending.

Paper Tigers is an intimate look into the lives of selected students at Lincoln High School, an alternative school that specializes in educating traumatized youth.  Set amidst the rural community of Walla Walla, Wash., the film intimately examines the inspiring promise of trauma informed communities – a movement that is showing great promise in healing youth struggling with the dark legacy of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES).

I personally invite you to attend this powerful event!  You can watch the trailer and learn more about the film at   I have attached an invitational flier and encourage you to invite other administrators, community leaders and parents.


Thanks for reading and staying with me through the year. I hope these messages have been helpful in some way J



PS – Did you know that a crocodile cannot stick his tongue out?

Seaside with Chery 4-21-16

Good Morning! I hope this email finds everyone well and finished or nearly finished with PARCC.

I hope those that attended the General Meeting on Monday enjoyed themselves and found it informative as well. Kathi Griffin did an excellent job, as always, entertaining us and informing us. We had a record number in attendance!! Let’s hope that number continues to grow. Congratulations to all our retirees, if you were unable to attend I will be dropping off your certificates very soon. And, lastly, congratulations to Vicki Mikos who received the Felicia Cichy Award for service to the SEA/IEA/NEA. She is truly deserving of this award.

  • Renewal information will come out on Monday, so if you haven’t already logged all your CPDUs, now is the time. Diana Peters will be sending the info and the process hasn’t changed. If you have questions, you may call her, me or Shirley Bloom. Shirley’s contact info will come with the directions on Monday.
  • I am still getting questions on taking Mondays and/or Fridays off. Please use your days professionally. If you need to take them because you are sick or have business that cannot be conducted after school hours, then take the day. But please make sure you have some sort of documentation. Remember, the district is looking for patterns, not a one-time absence.

That’s all – only 6 weeks left! I find that very hard to believe.

SEA-side with Chery 4-13-16

Hello – one day early J

  • The General Meeting is Monday. I hope that many of you signed up to attend. Kathi Griffin, the IEA Vice President and a past SEA President and D54 teacher, will be our guest speaker. I know she will be informative and entertaining. If you did not sign up but would still like to attend, please just come over to the Stonegate at 3:30. Please also remember to bring a few dollars to toss into our 50/50 drawing, if you so choose.
  • Attached is information about the nominations that will be voted on at the General Meeting.
  • We are going to have a new logo contest for t-shirts, hats, etc. If you are interested, please create something the SEA can use to show our solidarity, love of education and devotion to our students. Please send me your ideas by May 13th. The winner will be announced before the end of the school year.
  • Our Just Read program will not be run this year due to financial and logistical issues. If you have questions, please contact me.
  • I will be at the IEA-RA the rest of the week but will still be available by phone if you need me.

SEA side with Chery 4-7-16

Straight to the point this week J

  • Good Luck on the PARCC tests for the next two weeks. I know things will go well.
  • There have been some errors on ISBE for renewals for 2016. Please hold off until April 15th to renew your licenses. Some credit cards look like they are being charged when entered but in fact they are not. If you have already submitted, please check your credit card statement to make sure it went through. I will keep you posted.
  • Join District 54 students to celebrate the diversity of cultures at our Multicultural Event on Saturday, April 9 from 11:30-2:30 at the Schaumburg Park District CRC located at 505 N. Springinsguth Rd. The event is free with a small charge for food. The student performances, arts, crafts, and activities are amazing and fun for all ages.
  • You should have received information on IEA voting in the mail for state members to attend the NEA-RA in Washington, DC. If you look closely you might recognize some names. It’s an online system and takes less than 5 minutes. Please take the time to cast your votes- thanks so much.
  • Attached are the SPARKS flyer (for our early career members) and the General Meeting invite. I hope to see many in attendance at both events.


SEA-side with Chery 3-10-16

Morning All – loving this weather!!


Right to business:

  1. There is a rep meeting on Monday, Michelle Mussman will be there. Kathy Smith will also be there, she is our new rep from NEA benefits.
  2. No school Tuesday due to primary elections – GET OUT AND VOTE J Please J It’s important that we elect politicians who are supportive of education and teachers. Please check our website for more info. (
  3. There is a retirement meeting for the class of 2016 on Thursday, March 17th @ PLC @ 4pm.
  4. Building Reps, please bring any One on One forms with you to the meeting on Monday.
  5. Through the One on One process, we heard many members share it would be beneficial to have information on SEA candidates running for election prior to the day of the vote.  Thank you for your feedback!  Attached to this email, you will find the resumes of candidates running for delegate to the NEA-RA this summer.  Resumes were limited to 50 words or less.  As a reminder, there are 6 open positions.
  6. School visits next week – Wednesday = Muir, Thursday = MacArthur and Friday = Lincoln Prairie
  7. If you have any questions regarding the student growth model do not hesitate to send them to me.

One week left until Spring Break – Thank you for all that you do for our students.

SEA-side with Chery 3-3-16


Hard to believe we are here already and only 2 weeks from Spring Break. I have a lot of info today so stay with me J

  • Next week’s building visits: Monday = Collins, Tuesday = Dirksen, Thursday = Eisenhower and Friday = Churchill
  • Next Wednesday will be the district wide Student Growth Model training during staff development.
  • There was a misprint in the SEA rep meeting notes last week – it is “AFTER” the 3rd absence that you would need a note not for the 3rd absence.
  • Attached is a flyer for first year staff entitled, “Y2 – Moving Beyond Survival.” I hope some of you can attend.
  • The nomination form for awards winners for the General Meeting is also attached. If you have nominations, please send me that person’s name, school, reason you think they should be nominated and for which award by next Monday, (3/7) before noon.
  • And lastly, the invitation for the General Meeting is attached – this is our big meeting for the year and everyone is invited – it’s free! There will be plenty of food, drink, fun, and music. We will recognize our “Class of 2016” retirees; we will have a guest speaker (TBA), give our other awards and will have a raffle J Please save the date. Your building reps will have more info very soon.

My goodness, that’s enough!


You know where to reach me! Have a great rest of the week.


SEA-side with Chery

Happy Thursday! Here’s hoping everything is going well. School visits are so much fun and Jackie and I are getting some great ideas, good information and have had some nice conversations.

No building visits next week.

There is a rep meeting next Monday, if you have any concerns or suggestions, please share them with your building rep.

One on One meetings – Please meet with your rep. We are looking for ways to improve and to plan for the coming years. Please meet with your rep even if it is just for a few minutes, to give them your feedback, ideas and/or suggestions. Thanks to those who have already participated. To those who have not yet met, I am looking forward to your input as well.

Nomination forms for Region 35, SEA building reps and NEA-RA – the explanations are on the forms themselves. They go to or give them to your building rep and they can bring them on Monday.


I hope everyone can get out this weekend and enjoy the nice weather. My wish is for it to stay around and then we can casually roll into the spring weather by the end of March J



PS – The U.S. Government spent $277,000 on pickle research in 1993!! Explanation, please?

SEA side with Chery 2-11-16

Hello J I hope you are all keeping warm and feeling good.

  • On February 18th, the IEA is holding a Financial Planning session with TRS and IMRF for anyone who wishes to come and listen, ask questions, or just get the latest updates on retirement and benefits. There will also be a session included that covers Degrees without Debt. See the attached flyer and directions. RSVP by Feb 16th.
  • I have attached a PDF that helps explain the TRS retirement rules for Tier I and Tier II.
  • Train the trainers is going on today for the student growth model. The entire district will be trained on March 9th during regular staff development. Everyone should stay in their buildings to be trained. Even though some may not be filling out the form, we are all in this together.
  • Remember to treat each other with respect, patience and encouragement. We are all here for the same reason with the same goal; to help our students learn and grow.
  • Election nomination forms for Region 35, Building Reps for 2016-17 and attendance for the NEA-RA in Washington D.C. over the summer are all due by Feb 22nd to Kara Zielinski @ Enders-Salk or Mark Fletcher @ Mead.
  • Next week I will be visiting Einstein on Tuesday, Campanelli on Wednesday, and Dooley on Thursday during your lunch periods.
  • I have attached the TRS directions again for anyone who still needs to complete the process. You can always walk them into the Lisle office if that is your choice. It takes about 2-3 weeks for the confirmation to show up on the site so don’t panic if you don’t see the message disappear quickly. (proof of birth)
  • No one can log into ISBE and renew their licenses, yet. The renewal system does not begin until April 1st. Everyone needs 120 hours!!!


Keep Warm and enjoy the 3-day weekend!!!


PS – Milk cows produce more milk while listening to music! Do they give milkshakes if they begin to dance??


SEA-side with Chery 2-4-16

Good Morning! I am hoping that your week has been as beautiful as the weather! According to the groundhog only 6 more weeks of winter – I’m totally ok with that!! Let’s hope for an easy 6 weeks J


To all those who participated in the Transfair – GOOD LUCK! I know this was a very successful Transfair and many interviews took place.

My school visits next week will be Hanover Highlands on Tuesday and Fox on Friday. The visits are going very well. Jackie and I have heard many positives from many members and have been presented with some great suggestions on how to make life here in District 54 better and more collaborative. Thank you for thoseJ

There will be a full-day training session on Thursday for our new addition of the student growth model. I have at least 2 staff members from every building ready to go and anxious to work with their buildings after the training. The district will be trained on March 9th during our regular staff development time.

Our SEA executive board will be meeting Monday. If you have any issues you would like us to discuss, contact me and I will make sure they are put on the agenda.

Each of us has valuable experiences, ideas and concepts to share with our PLCs and fellow educators. Please remember to greet each idea with professionalism and respect. We are all in this together and have the same goal in mind – the students!


You know the rest – call me if you need me

(Hard to believe it’s February!!! Wow!)


PS – It is impossible to hum if you plug your nose – go ahead, I know you are dying to try it – I did – no hum L



Chery Anderson

School District 54

SEA President

Schaumburg Illinois

Seaside 1-28-16

I am heading out to all the buildings over the next couple of months so if you need me the easiest way to contact me is through email or my cell phone. Both of those are listed at the bottom of this email.

Next week’s schools are:

Monday, Feb 1st Fairview; Wednesday, Feb 3rd Armstrong; Thursday, Feb 4th Hoover; Friday, Feb 5th Addams.

I will be in the lounge during the middle of the day – please stop by and chat.

  1. i) Entertainment for the April 18th General Meeting

(1)    We are looking for a group of students to perform during our General Meeting from 3-4 PM as members are arriving.

(2)    Contact Lori Mobley via email if you have a group for our executive board to consider for our entertainment by Friday, February 5th.  Please let me know a little bit about your group, what they would be performing, about how many performers would be present, how much space the performers would need, and any other considerations we should know before making our decision.

  1. ii) General Meeting Planning Committee

(1)    We are looking for members to be on our planning committee.  Please email by Friday, Feb. 5th if you are interested.

(2)    After school meetings will take place prior to the General meeting.  The day of the meeting will require members to take a half day which SEA will cover.

iii)     Teachers can walk the copy of their proof of birth to TRS into the Lisle office at 4200 Commerce Ct., Lisle, if they would prefer instead of sending copies online. (Thanks, Carolyn Kraft!!)

  1. iv) When you have your one to one conversation with your building rep we would like for you to put your name on it. If we have questions or need more info we can contact you. We will not be sharing the sheets with anyone outside our committee. We understand if you still wish to remain anonymous.
  2. v) Let me know if you have any questions or concerns before I get to your buildings. I have also been attending many SEA building meetings and if you would like me to visit, let me know the date and I’ll be there. If it is something for the good of the group, please contact me so we may share the info with all.

Transfair is for ALL CERTIFIED employees – tenure AND non-tenure


Keep warm and keep smiling!


PS – Former US President Calvin Coolidge (1924-28) enjoyed “buzzing” for his bodyguards and then hiding under his desk as they frantically searched for him. Hilarious!!!