SEA-side 1-21-16

Morning All! I hope you are able to keep warm as the winter temperatures finally descend upon us. Keep good thoughts for the East Coast as they prepare for a winter storm. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as they are predicting.

Please keep the lines of communication open between each other and your administrators. Go into each situation with an open mind and remember to focus on what is best for kids. Things are looking good around the district; let’s hope the rest of the school year runs as smoothly.  Please continue to contact me with questions and/or concerns.


1 – Mark your calendars, talk it up among your local members, and plan to attend our 2016 Financial Planning and Pension Review Workshop exclusively for IEA members of the Palatine Office.  Here’s a sneak peek!

WHO:    All IEA Members of Regions 34, 35, 42, 43, and 64

DATE:    Thursday, February 18, 2016

TIME:    4:30 PM TO 7:00 PM

PLACE:  Illinois Education Association – Palatine Office, 553 N. North Ct. Suite 205, Palatine, IL  60067

Meeting will begin with a 30 minute focus on financial planning given by an NEA Member Benefits 403B Specialist, followed by one hour break out groups for:

·         Teachers Retirement System — TRS counselors will be on hand to speak about TRS pensions and benefits;

·         Illinois Municipal Retirement System – IMRF representatives will be on hand to speak about IMRF pensions and benefits;

  • Degrees not Debt – Learn about student / parent plus loan repayment options especially for public education employees.

Please RSVP to  or  or give us a call at 847.359.0300 if you are available to attend.


2 – Attached are the directions (thanks to Kelly O’Reilly) to update your TRS proof of birth. (it may block you at first, but if you hit “allow” it will let you download the directions)

3 – We have our next building rep meeting on Monday – let your reps know if you have questions or concerns.

4 – Transfair info came from Dr. Hannigan last week – deadline is Feb 1st and the Transfair is Feb 2nd. It is open to all certified employees.

5 – I will be visiting buildings beginning next week – I am beginning with Keller on Tuesday, Enders/Salk on Wednesday and Lakeview on Thursday. I will be at each building midday and will be bringing Jackie Robbins, our new UniServ Director, along with me just to introduce her to staff and administrators. We will tour the building to see the wonderful things you are doing and then be sitting in the lounge if you have questions or concerns for us. I will contact each building before I head over with a couple of questions for you to consider.

6 – Lastly, make sure you are keeping up logging your CPDUs and that you are checking your portal every once in a while.

Well – that’s about it for today. Keep warm and I hope we get the chance to talk very soon!


SEA side with Chery 1-7-16

WELCOME BACK! I hope everyone had a relaxing winter break and enjoyed the holiday season.

I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with my extended family, it was glorious!


–PERA training will begin soon – the process will be straightforward – a majority of the information you will need you already have written into your lesson plans. J The trainers will be trained early in February and then the whole district in March during staff development.

–NEA will be conducting a poll of member households this week in early primary and caucus states, including Illinois.

–TRS needs proof that you are who you say you are so they will begin contacting members to go into the system and provide a birth certificate, driver’s license or passport as confirmation. It is VITAL that you take care of this or when you retire you will NOT be paid. Go into your TRS account (if you don’t have one, set one up – it’s easy). Once you log in the system will tell you what to do – they provide you with a document that you print. I copied my driver’s license, attached it to the bottom of the letter and faxed it to the number provided – easy! At the next rep meeting I will go through the process so they reps can see how to do it so if you have questions, please hold on until after the 25th. For those that are retiring this year, HR said they would cover this in your retirement session sometime in February or March.

–For those who need to renew their licenses this year – information will come through HR in late March or early April – the ISBE (ELIS) system will not allow you to begin the process before then. Hopefully you have been continuing to log in your CPDUs on ELIS.

–I will begin to make building visits soon just to check in with everyone. I will bring Jackie Robbins, our UniServ Director, with me. She is looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing just how great you are – I’ve been doing a lot of bragging about “my” members. J


As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, please contact either your building reps or me. Keep up the great work and most of all keep the conversations between each other flowing.


SEA side with Chery 12-17-15

Thursday, December 17, 2015

I would like to thank all those who contacted legislators to help get ESSA passed by both the House and Senate and then signed by President Obama. This is a great victory!!! I have attached an info sheet for you to peruse if you want to see some of the changes. More info here…

I have attached the election results from Monday’s elections.  Congratulations to all who ran. I am happy to see so many getting involved and letting their voice be heard. WOOHOO!!!

I would like to wish you all a wonderful relaxing winter break. I hope you enjoy the time you get to spend with family and friends and the memories that will be shared and created.
Blessings of Peace – Chery and the Anderson Family
PS –
Holiday Past
The original ball lowered in Times Square on New Year’s Eve back in 1907 was made of iron and wood and decorated with 100 light bulbs.

Holiday Present
The modern New Year’s ball is made of Waterford crystal, covered with 696 light bulbs, 96 strobe lights, and 90 rotating pyramid mirrors.

I hope your New Year’s sparkles as much!!!

PPSS – I am turning off my cell phone at 5pm tomorrow evening and will not check messages until Jan 3rd.  Please leave messages (if you need to) either on my voicemail or through email; I will pick them up and get back to you when we return in January. I am spending time with my parents and I promised my dad I would not “work” over the holidays. I NEVER argue with my dad!! Thanks for understanding.

SEA side with Chery 12-10-15

Happy Thursday!

Getting close – I hope all is going well and that we will all be able to leave in only about a week’s time with all our plans completed and be able to relax over winter break. You are wonderful and deserve the time to relax.

v  Don’t forget Monday’s election for our IEA-RA reps – these members will represent us at the Illinois Education Association’s Representation Assembly and vote on issues on your behalf.

v  We could still use a few ballot counters on Monday at the DO at 3:30 – the more members we have counting the less time it takes. Please consider helping. If you still don’t know whether you will have the time today, just show up and head upstairs to the room behind the Board Room to help. Thanks J

As always, if you have concerns, questions or even suggestions for me, please contact me. If there is something going on in your building that you would like me to see or just spread the word, please let me know. Let’s highlight the great things you all do every day – the joys of being an educator!!


Have a fabulous Thursday and Friday and then a great weekend!



PS – Children laugh about 400 times a day, while adults laugh on average only 15 times a day. We definitely need to laugh more!!

SEA side with Chery

Wow – hard to believe we are in December and beginning our second MAP test session. Best of Luck to you all and to your students. I also hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break and found time to relax and regenerate.

*If you are interested in purchasing a tree for the holidays, please take a look at the attached flyer from the Foundation. What a great way to support the district.

*Remember to update your CPDUs often so you can stay current.

*Check AESOP occasionally to make sure you have a full 5 subs chosen – sometimes they get hired or decide not to sub anymore.

*We need ballot counters at the DO on Monday December 14th beginning at 3:45. If you are interested reply to this email or contact Mark Fletcher or Kara Zielinski. You can add in to common ground in Domain 4! More hands make work light…and fast J

*If an issue arises between you and fellow staff member, please try and settle it without your administration. Care to Confront! Have your building reps help. The last thing anyone wants is to be called into the principal’s office to settle a dispute. Make the effort – you need to be able to work together on every issue even if it means agreeing to disagree.

*Have a wonderful Thursday and Friday!!