SEAside Nov. 12, 2015

Hello! I would like to extend a thank you to all of our military veterans, their families and friends. I am so grateful for your sacrifice and courage you exhibit each and every day. Words are never enough. I was out and about yesterday and was lucky enough to see several wonderful presentations and assemblies honoring our military heroes. It was awe inspiring – you should all be very proud of the work you put forth. BRAVO!!
·         Tomorrow is the end of the 1st trimester so I also wanted to thank you for all the hard work you have done to help your students grow and work towards the goal of being college and career ready. Take a few moments in the next few weeks and reflect on how far they have come and just how far you will be able to take them. With your expertise and creativity, I know each and every child will reach the goals they have set and you have set for them. Share your success with each other and celebrate even the smallest of steps J YOU ARE ALL INCREDIBLE and I am grateful for each of you every day.
·         SEA wants to hear from YOU!  In the coming months, your building rep. will be contacting you to schedule a short (5-15 minute) One on One conversation.  This short meeting is to gather data from our members to help make SEA a member driven organization.  We want to know what is important to you and how we can support you in the future!  The collected information will help us develop a plan for the coming year and ensure we are representing the voice of our members at the district level.
Your rep. will be asking each member the following questions:
1.      What are your top 2-3 interests, issues, or concerns?
2.      What is your biggest challenge of working in the district? (Or, what is the hardest part of your job?)
3.      What role does the union play in your life? What changes would you make in order for the union to best meet your needs?
If you are uncomfortable providing this information with your name attached, you may provide your opinions anonymouslyOur goal is to hear from 100% of our membership and find out what matters most to SEA.  We thank you in advance for finding the time to meet with your rep. and look forward to hearing your input!
·         The PERA committee (which consists of equal members of SEA members and Administrators) has been meeting to finalize our plan for Student Growth in our appraisal system. When the plan is complete we will have staff development/training on what the expectations will be for every member. It’s looking good  J
·         Concerns and questions can be directed to me in any of the below ways – never hesitate to contact me. If I can’t answer your question, I will find someone who can. I usually try and let you know that I have received your question/concern ad give you some kind of timeline, if possible, on when to expect and answer.
o   school phone 6005
o   School email
Congratulations on a great 1st trimester!!
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