SEA-side with Chery 12-1-16

Good Morning and Happy December!! Three weeks more until winter break. Hang in there and keep talking to each other with kindness. Please DON’T go to your admin with complaints and/or concerns about fellow staff members (SEA or SEEO) unless you have exhausted all other avenues. It will come much easier from you than from your admin especially if the staff member didn’t realize they have made poor word choices or been frustrated and spoken to severely. Care to Confront!!

  • Ballot Counters Needed!  Are you looking for a risk-free way to get involved with SEA with minimal effort?  Are you looking for a way to beef up your domain 4?  Ballot counting is for you!  SEA is in need of ballot counters for our December 19th election.  Counters will meet from 3:30-5:30 at the RAC to count ballots for the day’s election.  Requirements: Must be able to count to 60 and know how to operate a pencil. Treats will be provided!

Attachments today:

  • GNA Bargaining Conference-this would be a great conference if you are interested in being on the bargaining team at any level. Let me know if you are interested – the union/region can help with registration fee.
  • The 2018 NEA Foundation Awards for Teaching Excellence Flyer and information
  • SPARKS – for early career teachers – 10 years of experience or under
  • Win a Car from the NEA!!! Open to ALL!
  • NEA Leadership Summit in February – let me know if you are interested – there are a couple of ways to help get you funded if you wish to attend.

The Board of Education will (hopefully) approve our right to have our refund from TRS rolled over into our district 403b plans tonight. Ric King will then send us the necessary paperwork to make this happen. Please look at your emails carefully from TRS so you can make an informed decision. Please do not ask me what you should do – as much as I would love to help you, I am not a financial advisor and don’t know what is in your best interest. I can make suggestions on what to do with the money if you decide to take a cash payout (wink wink!!) Please check past SEAsides for detailed information or look for Ric King’s email in the next day or so for more info.

Ok – this is already too long. Have a wonderful day. You are ALL AMAZING!!!


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