SEA side with Chery 3-2-17

SEA Awards – Our General Meeting is quickly approaching! And every year we celebrate individuals who have helped our association in an extraordinary way. Below are the awards and their descriptions. If you know of anyone who fits these descriptions, please email me their name and why they should receive the award and the executive committee will take it from there. I need recommendations by March 3rd.

o   Felicia Cichy Award – This award is given to recognize SEA members who have demonstrated service and leadership in SEA, IEA, and/or NEA.  Their names appear on a plaque which is displayed outside the board room of the District Office. (Ms. Cichy passed away this year – we will honor her at the general meeting)

o   Friend of SEA Award – The Friend of SEA Award began in 1993 as a way to honor an individual who is not a member of SEA, but who has contributed or assisted members of our association in a meaningful way.

o   Lifetime Achievement Award – This award is presented to an individual who has been an integral part of SEA, IEA, and/or NEA during their career in District #54.  It is meant to show appreciation for a lifetime of dedication, leadership, and service to our members.  The award is given when the individual is retiring, or has retired, from teaching.

Plans have begun for the General Meeting on April 17th at the Stonegate. Please put this date in your calendar and plan to be there. A flyer will be coming soon. Along with honoring our retirees, and a short business meeting there will food, fun and prizes! I truly hope you can join us!

The state required RIF email went out yesterday from Dr. Hannigan. Please log on to see where you are on the list. The list is locked and will not be changed until next November. REMEMBER – the district WILL NOT BE USING this list – it is only fulfilling the state’s requirement.



PS – Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn’t wear any pants. Not sure I find that funny, but I do!

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