SEA-side with Chery 3-16-17

Good Morning.

Here are some of the results from Monday’s elections. The rest of the results will be posted online soon – it was a huge document and I wanted to keep this week’s SEAside short.  ( Please go online to see who will be representing you at the building level. Congratulate them and thank them J


The results from Monday’s NEA-RA delegate election are below.  Specific results may be furnished upon request.


2017 NEA-RA Delegates

Michelle Burke

Kara Zielinski

Adriana Caballero

Cynthia Dressler

Laura Valenzano

Daniel Argueta


2017 NEA-RA 1st Alternate Delegate

Phyllis Ardagh


Region 35 Representative (2 year term):

  • Kelly O’Reilly
  • Sandra Bostrom
  • Ariel Robinson
  • Victoria A. Mikos


Region 35 Chair (3 year term):

  • Kara Zielinski


Region 35 Vice Chair (3 year term):

  • Adriana Caballero


Region 35 Ethnic Minority Council Representative (3 year term):

  • Daniel Argueta


Have a great day J


PS – Did you know ketchup was sold in the 1830s as medicine? Yum!

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