SEA side with Chery 9-7-17

Happy September! More MAP this week and I am hoping it is going very well.

  • I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome to Crystal Bush, our new UniServ director. Crystal comes to us from Harper College where she was teaching law. Crystal has a teaching background (high school history) and was an attorney. She has interest in our ACES program and is looking forward to helping us negotiate the best contract we can this year. Welcome, Crystal J
  • On Thursday, Sept 21st, the district is holding a Committee of the Whole @ 5:45 at the PLC. I would love to see some members attend, if possible. The Committee of the Whole is an overview of the district plans for the next few years; construction plans, Chromebook plans, and the state of our finances (which are good). If you truly want to be in the know, this is a great meeting to attend.
  • Below is the chart of the THIS deduction for the current year. If you pay into TRS, you  have this deduction.

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