SEA side with Chery 2-22-18

Morning and Happy Thursday to all!

I hope all your conferences went smoothly and you enjoyed the long weekend.

We have a rep meeting on Monday, so if you have any issues, please pass them on so we may help with some solutions.

Bargaining with the board will be on Wednesday, please show your support by wearing your SEA t-shirt. Please send good vibes to the negotiation team. Update will be posted on Thursday or Friday – some details might be possible at that time.

I have attached (for the last time) the forms for building reps, NEA-RA and Region positions – Monday is the final day to turn in nomination forms for building rep, NEA – RA, Region 35.  Electronic versions of the forms are acceptable as long as they are followed up by the original.  You can email them to or interoffice mail them to Kelly O’Reilly at the RAC. Your voice is needed – don’t leave the decision making process up to someone else! We have 5 forms for 6 slots for NEA-RA

We have 3 forms for 5 slots for R35

Here are the number of nomination forms I have gotten for building reps

ELC 3        Keller 3             Blackwell 2    Dooley 2     Fox 2    Hale 2    LP 2    Hanover 2   Nerge 2

RAC 2    Addams 1    Aldrin 1    Frost 1    Mac 1    Mead 1    Muir 1    Collins 1

Armstrong 0   Campanelli 0   Churchill 0   Dirksen 0   Einstein 0   Enders 0   Fairview 0

Hoover 0   Lakeview 0   Link 0   Stevenson 0

Also attached is the Rally info for Saturday. Please consider joining the team downtown! Let me know if you plan on attending – we are just trying to see how many voices from Schaumburg will be there!!! SEA STRONG!

For those working on Taxes – SEA dues 16-17 were $749 w/$10 donation to FCPE (if you donated more or less you’ll need to adjust that number).

The building administrators are beginning to have conversations with staff about staffing plans for next year. This includes conversations with those that are being released. Unfortunately, there is no way to put this delicately so I apologize, if you are one of those individuals, please seek out your building reps for help and advice for decisions on applications, resignations and recommendation letters from admin. The SEA will support you in every way we can through this difficult time.


A special note:

As we get ready to close February my fondest hope is that you are well and things have gone smoothly over the past few weeks. The days have been hectic and at times I’m sure it seems like things will never get done. Reach out to your team, to your colleagues and to your administrators and ask for help and support each other. We are truly all in this together trying (and achieving) the same goal – to do what’s best for our students and communities. We are all saddened by the tragic events that unfold around us and that is when we pull together as outstanding educators and leaders in our communities to try and help our students, and each other, wrap our heads around the unrest. I cannot be more proud of you and your weekly, daily, and moment by moment unconditional love and support you show for your kids and fellow employees. This is what makes District 54 and the SEA GREAT and STRONG – each other!! As Kathi Griffin always says – we are STRONGER TOGETHER! ALL OF US! I am sending you much love and respect today and every day!!



We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other. Afshar

Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. Skepanek

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things. Mother Teresa



Chery Anderson

SEA President

Schaumburg School District 54

Schaumburg IL

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