Mobley’s Monday Message 9-10-18

“Our job is to teach the students we have. Not the ones we would like to have. Not the ones we used to have. Those we have right now. All of them.”

-Dr. Kevin Maxwell



I just wanted to take a moment to share with you SEA’s mission.

Our mission in the SEA is…

To advocate for our membership and to provide leadership for them in such areas as professionalism, ethical standards, member welfare, and political advocacy


To be educational leaders and effective, caring teachers in the classroom


To advocate for the welfare of all school children.


To engage in political action to enact legislation that supports public education.


You are leaders! You are effective, caring educators!   You are professionals and able to handle any difficult situation. Take time to care to confront when you see a situation differently than someone else.


I know we are not already counting down to the last day of school yet, however I just wanted to make sure we have the correct dates on our calendars. The District 54 pocket calendars we recently received does not include the student non-attendance day (formerly known as Record’s Day) after the last day of school. If there are NO emergency days used, this day would be Friday, May 31st, which is a full-day of staff attendance. Up to five emergency days can be used, which means the potential having June 6th as the last day for students and June 7th as the last day for staff. Please do not schedule any vacations until Saturday, June 8th…just in case.


Attached to these email you can find the list of Financial Planners who are approved by District 54. These people can help you set up 403(b) plans. Later in the year, the SEA schedules visits with an approved service provider to your buildings. I wanted to send this list out as some members have been receiving emails from other groups not on the district’s list.


Another attachment to this emails are directions on how to register to vote. If you aren’t registered, take a few minutes to go online and get registered soon.


Here is the link to our online SEA Spirit Wear order: The access code is: SEASEA. Order anytime through then end of September. Although tomorrow is “Better Together Tuesday”, it is also Patriot Day, so I would encourage you to be wearing red, white, and blue in observance of September 11, 2001.


Throughout the month of September I am visiting your buildings to meet with your administrators and our UniServ Director, Crystal Bush. Last week I visited Dooley, Enders-Salk, Aldrin, and Hanover Highlands. This week’s visits will be to Fairview, Fox, Hoover, Blackwell, Frost, Mead, Link, Nerge, and Einstein. It’s a great experience for me to talk to your principals and walk around your buildings to see the warm, inviting environments which welcome students and staff each day.


Keep making a difference in your schools and for your students!


Important dates in September:

September 17th: SEA Building Representative Meeting 3:30 PM Board Room

September 23rd: Run to Read – Run with SEA!

September 24th: SEA Building Representatives Training 3:30 PM PLC

September 28th: Last day to order SEA Spirit Wear


Time to think about how you can celebrate this week:

Monday, September 10th: National Swap Ideas Day…sounds like our PLC meetings!

Tuesday, September 11th: Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance

Wednesday, September 12th: National Day of Encouragement

Thursday, September 13th: National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

Friday, September 14th: National Cream Filled Donut Day





Lori Mobley

Schaumburg Education Association President

Cell: (847) 344-5249

Office @IKE: (847) 357-5450


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