Mobley’s Monday Message 11-18-18


“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” ~Oprah Winfrey


Being Thankful

It’s nice to know we have only today and tomorrow, and then we have the rest of the week off to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends. Do take the time for your own personal self-care, especially since report cards are now just about officially done. Take time to express to those most important to you why you are thankful they are a part of your life!


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

On January 16th, 2019, we have reserved spots to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children from 6-7:30 PM. All District 54 employees and their families are welcome to attend. Click here to join. Or visit the Feed My Starving Children Website and enter join code: 76G1ZZ.


Nomination forms

All election forms for our December 12th election are due at the Building Rep Meeting today.  We have open positions on the Region 35 Council and for representatives to the IEA-Representative Assembly this April 11-13, 2019, in Rosemont.  If you have never attended the IEA Representative Assembly, you should really consider going.  Yes, I know it will be two days worth of sub plans, but it is something everyone should experience at least once.  Want to find out more, contact me or Kelly O’Reilly, our Elections Chair, TODAY!



What is “SPARKS” you wonder? SPARKS is a fun, spirited learning experience targeted toward newer emerging voices (10 years of experience or less) in our Associations (SEA and SEEO).  Attendees will gain a better understanding of our Associations while learning skills and making connections that will help increase your success on the job. Come with a teammate…come with a friend! The event will be held on January 18-19, 2019. For more information or to register, here is a link to the SPARKS flyer. Register by December 21st. First person to register wins a prize!


Presentation at the Partnership Breakfast

At last week’s District 54 Partnership Breakfast, I presented our $1 per member donation to Lakeview School, Eisenhower Jr. High, and the Muir Literacy Academy. Each school received $500 towards the kick-off of their Food Pantries and Community Closets. Thank you to our building reps who brought your canned food donations to last month’s Building Rep Meeting. I was able to deliver these donations to those three schools last month.



Sick Days and Personal Business Days

As we have a few holidays and breaks approaching, I just wanted to remind people to check their contracts for the language of inappropriate use of sick leave and business leave. We did recently have a large number of teachers call in on the morning of Friday, November 9th which flagged a concern for the district especially since it was the day after the first snowfall of the season. We do each have five business leave days and we cannot use more than three days consecutively without a written request; however your business leave may not be granted on days immediately preceding or following holidays/school breaks. It is your right to take up to 14 days of sick leave and of course, we don’t want you coming to school when you are sick. Just be sure to look at your contract or talk with your building rep at any time you are unsure of the language in the leave section of our contract.


Appraisal Tips

If you are a non-tenured teacher, you are in amidst of appraisal season and have already had one observation (prior to November 1) and will be having a second observation by January 1 (or prior to Winter Break). Be sure to advocate for yourself. If there is any concerns, you may be asked to bring a building rep to your meetings. If you do receive a needs improvement form, take time to reflect and make sure you are looking at the supports being provided to you especially in the particular components which have been challenging.


All members being appraised should take time to put your own evidence into all four domains and make sure you are aware before leaving any meetings whether or not your administrator has any concerns. Fill out the Charlotte Danielson Framework before your meeting so that you can have a collaborative conversation with your evaluator.


Don’t forget:

The Village Tavern will be recognizing our District 54 employees throughout the entire month of November. Show your school ID and get 20% off your food order.


Important Dates in November:

November 19th: Report Card Comments/Grades Completed – 8 AM

November 19th: SEA Building Representatives Meeting – 3:30-5:00 PM

November 20th: Report Card Website Closed – 11:59 PM

November 21st: Report Cards Posted Online

November 21st-23rd: No School – Thanksgiving Break


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:

January 16th: Feed My Starving Children 6-7:30 PM – All District 54 employees and their families are welcome to attend. Click here to join. Or visit the Feed My Starving Children Website and enter join code: 76G1ZZ


Here are some fun national days this week:

November 19th : National Play Monopoly Day

November 20th: National Absurdity Day…make smart choices!

November 21st: National Stuffing Day (one day too early)

November 22nd: Thanksgiving Day & National Cranberry Relish Day

November 23rd: Black Friday & National Buy Nothing Day (I can’t make this stuff up…)


Lori Mobley

Schaumburg Education Association President

Cell: (847) 344-5249

Office @IKE: (847) 357-5450


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