Mobley’s Monday Message 5-20-19

“Strong teachers don’t teach context; Google has content. Strong teachers connects learning in ways that inspire kids to learn more and strive for greatness.”
~Eric Jensen


We are amidst the busy time of year with many end-of-the-year events and activities happening in our schools and across our district. From Battle of the Books competitions to Young Athletes and Special Olympic Events to rocket launches and graduations. Enjoy these last few weeks with your students and the many celebrations and culminating activities starting to happen!


A Reminder to the Field Leaders

If you are a field leader and plan to meet with you district teams on the 3rd Wednesday of the month send you list of dates and meetings for to Dr. Myers. Our contract says to send this information to Human Resources, but with Dr. Hannigan leaving, much of our HR contact next year will be with Dr. Myers or Diana Peters.


IEA Score Grants

If you are an early career teacher and have a great idea for a community service project or other school project, consider applying for IEA’s Score Grant. 2019-2020 Score grant applications are not being accepted and are due by 11:59 PM on July 15, 2019. Early career teachers may partner up with someone who is not an early career teacher and write the grant together. To apply or for SCORE highlight videos, visit the SCORE Grant page on the IEA Website.


Save the Profession: Repeal the 3%

It’s not too late to make a difference. Contact your legislator and tell your family and friends to contact their legislators to explain why it is important to repeal the 3% salary cap for educators. We will have postcards available at our Building Rep meeting today. For language on what you can say if making phone calls, check out our SEA Facebook Page.


Last day to contribute to NEA’s Fund for Children and Public Education

The SEA Building reps in the building will be bringing any donations to the NEA Fund to today’s rep meeting. Any last minute donations would be appreciated. Reps, please remember to bring the envelopes to today’s meeting.


Volunteering at the Community Closet

Thank you to the team of SEA members who served at the last Community Closet of the year: Cynthia Dressler (ELC), Steven Kitowski (MacArthur), Julia Morris (and her husband)(Enders-Salk), & Kara Zielinski (Enders-Salk). I witnessed a great team who worked hard to get as many of the clothing donations sorted, boxed, and/or on the shelves of the Community Closet. If you have never volunteered in the past, grab a team of your colleagues and sign-up together next year.


Last Building Rep Meeting of the Year

The last SEA Building Rep Meeting of the year is today. We will be celebrating our District 54 retirees and welcoming our new buildings reps at today’s meeting. Additionally, the Jason Eliasek Scholarship winners will be recognized at this meeting as well.


Volunteering at the District 54 Foundation’s Golf Outing
The Foundation still needs volunteers to work at the District 54 Education Foundation’s Golf Outing on June 10th. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jennie Waldorf at the RAC. Also, we are looking for a few volunteers who are interested in attending, but don’t play golf, to see at the hold sponsored by the SEA, SEEO, and Region 35. Email me if you are interested!


Here are some fun ways to celebrate this week:

May 20th: National Pick Strawberries Day

May 21st: National Strawberries and Cream Day (makes sense after yesterday…)

May 22nd: National Buy a Musical Instrument Day

May 23rd: National Lucky Penny Day (look to pick one up…heads up of course)

May 24th: National Road Trip Day (perfect for the long 3 day weekend!)


Important Dates in May:

May 20th: SEA Building Representative Meeting 3:30-5:00 PM in the Board Room; current reps, newly elected reps, & retirees are invited to attend

May 27th: Memorial Day – No School


Have a great three-day weekend just ahead.  Take some time to celebrate Memorial Day weekend by attending Patriotic events or local ceremonies, showing your respect and gratitude by flying a flag at half-staff, or take time to recognize anyone who has served honorably.




Lori Mobley

Schaumburg Education Association President

Cell: (847) 344-5249

Office @IKE: (847) 357-5450