SEA and SEEO’s Response to Anti-Union Attacks


The main source of SEA and SEEO’s strength is our people power.  SEA and SEEO have maintained nearly 100% membership that has allowed us to bargain numerous items that support our roles in the classroom as well as strengthen the education of our students.  The district recognizes SEA and SEEO as the voice of our educators and advocate for our students. Our very own IEA President, Kathi Griffin, highlighted just a few of SEA’s successes from collaboration and bargaining with the district when she spoke to our new teachers during Induction Week.  These are just a few of the reasons we are sticking with our union:

Our people power is threatening to groups that want to privatize public education.  They have begun to contact our members in an effort to weaken the power we use to advocate for our students and Public Education.  If you have received one of these postcards or packets and want to know more of the facts and about these organizations, please visit IEA’s Proud Member Website.


Contact your local president for more information and to learn ways to strengthen our union.

Lori Mobley, SEA President

Kathy Jesuit, SEEO President