Mobley’s Message 04-17-2023

Good morning, SEA!

The day of our SEA and SEEO General Meeting has come!  Our leadership teams are very excited for today’s event and look forward to having many of our members, retirees, and other special guests in attendance.  Doors will open at 3:15 PM and tables will be set up for schools to be able to sit together.  Entertainment begins at 3:30 PM and the program will start at 4:00 PM.  

Today is also our SEA Building Rep Election and Region 35 Election.  You should have receive your ballot via email around 6 AM.  Should you not receive your ballot by 7 AM, please contact Kelly O’Reilly (kellyoreilly@sd54.orgso she can get it corrected for you.  I will not be able to make these changes for you and may not be checking email often today due to General Meeting set-up, so you need to contact Kelly directly.  The window to vote closes at 6 PM.  Please consider being a write-in as several of our schools do still have open positions for next year’s building reps.  

Here is the link to this week’s Monday Message (4/17 Edition). 

Please view the Monday Message to find out more information about the following:

Speaking of important dates and timelines, your principals may have already sent out reminders about submitting your Club Sponsor Request form for 2023-2024.  These are due to your administrator by May 1. 

You made it to our final six weeks of school…definitely another reason to celebrate!

For those attending, I will see you after school at Chandler’s Banquets for our General Meeting and Annual SEA/SEEO Celebration!