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Thursday, September 24, 2015


Happy Thursday – I hope all is going well.  Enjoy

  • If you are having an issue at your building, difficult conversations may have to be had. We need to all try to work these out with together first because we work with each other every day. If you have an incident or an uncomfortable mishap; please follow the procedure below:
    • Talk to the person involved and try to work out your differences,
    • Talk to your building rep and see if they can help (if necessary your building rep will contact me) If the issue is with your rep, contact me,
    • Talk to the principal and see if they can help – if you want your rep with, please ask them to help you – if they cannot, contact me and I can come in and help.
  • After speaking with Pete Hannigan in HR, he will ask the principal to resume filling out the CPDU forms for every building meeting including full days and half days – if you never received one for last Wednesday or the first 2 days in August, you should very soon. Questions? Contact me.
  • Ever wondered what the deduction “THIS” is on your paycheck? I did, so I called payroll and they told me that it is a state required health insurance tied to TRS and stands for “Teacher Health Insurance Security.” We pay 1.07% and the district pays .80%. Check out the TRS website for more info.
  • Our approved 403b provider can provide you with information on a 403b and a new debt forgiveness program for some staff – see your building rep for info. They have the contact info for the company and the individual who can help you.
  • Are you planning a special event in your classroom or doing a great new lesson? Think about inviting your SEA president to come over and watch you and your students in action. I would LOVE to see what you are doing, working on, accomplished, etc. Let me know where and when to be there and I will do everything I can to make it. I have meetings scheduled after school most days but some of my time during the day is open to come and see you and your students!!
  • As always, check out our webpage, to see updates on what’s happening in and around our school district.

Thanks – enjoy the day and look forward to a beautiful weekend!!



PS – Did you know that in Athens, Georgia, it is still illegal to read a book to your friends after 2:45 am?  Who knew?

December Election Results

December 2013 SEA Election Results

Thank you to our wonderful ballot counters: Judy Stewart, Chery Anderson, Bridget Smith, Yolanda Kocemba, Kris Beaudette, and Kathy Petersdorf

2014 IEA Representative Assembly Delegates:

  • Connie S. Ernst (629 votes)
  • Kris Beaudette (629 votes)
  • Phyllis Ardagh (627 votes)
  • Mark Fletcher (642 votes)
  • Chery Anderson (636 votes)
  • Lori Mobley (636 votes)
  • Sandra Bostrom (646 votes)
  • Cynthia Dressler (636 votes)
  • Michelle E. Burke (636 votes)
  • Paul Beranek (661 votes)
  • Bernadette Marcis (641 votes)

Region 35 Ethnic Minority Delegate to the 2013 IEA Representative Assembly:

  • Mary Gonzalez (SEEO) – Write-In (10 votes)

Region 35 Council Representative

  • Sandra Bostrom (535 votes)

Region 35 – Interim Vice Chair

  • Kara Zielinski (681 votes)

Pension Preservation

Pension Preservation – Contact your Legislator

  • Go to

  • or call 888-412-6570

  • click on “elected officials”

  • say or type the following

  • “ I am calling/writing to you as a member of the Illinois Education Association, a resident of your district and as a voter. I’m urging you to vote against any pension bill that has not been negotiated with the labor unions. I also urge you to oppose any bill that does not include guaranteed funding”