Seaside 1-28-16

I am heading out to all the buildings over the next couple of months so if you need me the easiest way to contact me is through email or my cell phone. Both of those are listed at the bottom of this email.

Next week’s schools are:

Monday, Feb 1st Fairview; Wednesday, Feb 3rd Armstrong; Thursday, Feb 4th Hoover; Friday, Feb 5th Addams.

I will be in the lounge during the middle of the day – please stop by and chat.

  1. i) Entertainment for the April 18th General Meeting

(1)    We are looking for a group of students to perform during our General Meeting from 3-4 PM as members are arriving.

(2)    Contact Lori Mobley via email if you have a group for our executive board to consider for our entertainment by Friday, February 5th.  Please let me know a little bit about your group, what they would be performing, about how many performers would be present, how much space the performers would need, and any other considerations we should know before making our decision.

  1. ii) General Meeting Planning Committee

(1)    We are looking for members to be on our planning committee.  Please email by Friday, Feb. 5th if you are interested.

(2)    After school meetings will take place prior to the General meeting.  The day of the meeting will require members to take a half day which SEA will cover.

iii)     Teachers can walk the copy of their proof of birth to TRS into the Lisle office at 4200 Commerce Ct., Lisle, if they would prefer instead of sending copies online. (Thanks, Carolyn Kraft!!)

  1. iv) When you have your one to one conversation with your building rep we would like for you to put your name on it. If we have questions or need more info we can contact you. We will not be sharing the sheets with anyone outside our committee. We understand if you still wish to remain anonymous.
  2. v) Let me know if you have any questions or concerns before I get to your buildings. I have also been attending many SEA building meetings and if you would like me to visit, let me know the date and I’ll be there. If it is something for the good of the group, please contact me so we may share the info with all.

Transfair is for ALL CERTIFIED employees – tenure AND non-tenure


Keep warm and keep smiling!


PS – Former US President Calvin Coolidge (1924-28) enjoyed “buzzing” for his bodyguards and then hiding under his desk as they frantically searched for him. Hilarious!!!

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