SEA-side with Chery 2-4-16

Good Morning! I am hoping that your week has been as beautiful as the weather! According to the groundhog only 6 more weeks of winter – I’m totally ok with that!! Let’s hope for an easy 6 weeks J


To all those who participated in the Transfair – GOOD LUCK! I know this was a very successful Transfair and many interviews took place.

My school visits next week will be Hanover Highlands on Tuesday and Fox on Friday. The visits are going very well. Jackie and I have heard many positives from many members and have been presented with some great suggestions on how to make life here in District 54 better and more collaborative. Thank you for thoseJ

There will be a full-day training session on Thursday for our new addition of the student growth model. I have at least 2 staff members from every building ready to go and anxious to work with their buildings after the training. The district will be trained on March 9th during our regular staff development time.

Our SEA executive board will be meeting Monday. If you have any issues you would like us to discuss, contact me and I will make sure they are put on the agenda.

Each of us has valuable experiences, ideas and concepts to share with our PLCs and fellow educators. Please remember to greet each idea with professionalism and respect. We are all in this together and have the same goal in mind – the students!


You know the rest – call me if you need me

(Hard to believe it’s February!!! Wow!)


PS – It is impossible to hum if you plug your nose – go ahead, I know you are dying to try it – I did – no hum L



Chery Anderson

School District 54

SEA President

Schaumburg Illinois

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