SEA side with Chery 2-11-16

Hello J I hope you are all keeping warm and feeling good.

  • On February 18th, the IEA is holding a Financial Planning session with TRS and IMRF for anyone who wishes to come and listen, ask questions, or just get the latest updates on retirement and benefits. There will also be a session included that covers Degrees without Debt. See the attached flyer and directions. RSVP by Feb 16th.
  • I have attached a PDF that helps explain the TRS retirement rules for Tier I and Tier II.
  • Train the trainers is going on today for the student growth model. The entire district will be trained on March 9th during regular staff development. Everyone should stay in their buildings to be trained. Even though some may not be filling out the form, we are all in this together.
  • Remember to treat each other with respect, patience and encouragement. We are all here for the same reason with the same goal; to help our students learn and grow.
  • Election nomination forms for Region 35, Building Reps for 2016-17 and attendance for the NEA-RA in Washington D.C. over the summer are all due by Feb 22nd to Kara Zielinski @ Enders-Salk or Mark Fletcher @ Mead.
  • Next week I will be visiting Einstein on Tuesday, Campanelli on Wednesday, and Dooley on Thursday during your lunch periods.
  • I have attached the TRS directions again for anyone who still needs to complete the process. You can always walk them into the Lisle office if that is your choice. It takes about 2-3 weeks for the confirmation to show up on the site so don’t panic if you don’t see the message disappear quickly. (proof of birth)
  • No one can log into ISBE and renew their licenses, yet. The renewal system does not begin until April 1st. Everyone needs 120 hours!!!


Keep Warm and enjoy the 3-day weekend!!!


PS – Milk cows produce more milk while listening to music! Do they give milkshakes if they begin to dance??


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