SEA-side with Chery

Happy Thursday! Here’s hoping everything is going well. School visits are so much fun and Jackie and I are getting some great ideas, good information and have had some nice conversations.

No building visits next week.

There is a rep meeting next Monday, if you have any concerns or suggestions, please share them with your building rep.

One on One meetings – Please meet with your rep. We are looking for ways to improve and to plan for the coming years. Please meet with your rep even if it is just for a few minutes, to give them your feedback, ideas and/or suggestions. Thanks to those who have already participated. To those who have not yet met, I am looking forward to your input as well.

Nomination forms for Region 35, SEA building reps and NEA-RA – the explanations are on the forms themselves. They go to or give them to your building rep and they can bring them on Monday.


I hope everyone can get out this weekend and enjoy the nice weather. My wish is for it to stay around and then we can casually roll into the spring weather by the end of March J



PS – The U.S. Government spent $277,000 on pickle research in 1993!! Explanation, please?

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