Seaside with Chery 4-21-16

Good Morning! I hope this email finds everyone well and finished or nearly finished with PARCC.

I hope those that attended the General Meeting on Monday enjoyed themselves and found it informative as well. Kathi Griffin did an excellent job, as always, entertaining us and informing us. We had a record number in attendance!! Let’s hope that number continues to grow. Congratulations to all our retirees, if you were unable to attend I will be dropping off your certificates very soon. And, lastly, congratulations to Vicki Mikos who received the Felicia Cichy Award for service to the SEA/IEA/NEA. She is truly deserving of this award.

  • Renewal information will come out on Monday, so if you haven’t already logged all your CPDUs, now is the time. Diana Peters will be sending the info and the process hasn’t changed. If you have questions, you may call her, me or Shirley Bloom. Shirley’s contact info will come with the directions on Monday.
  • I am still getting questions on taking Mondays and/or Fridays off. Please use your days professionally. If you need to take them because you are sick or have business that cannot be conducted after school hours, then take the day. But please make sure you have some sort of documentation. Remember, the district is looking for patterns, not a one-time absence.

That’s all – only 6 weeks left! I find that very hard to believe.

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