SEA-side with Chery 5-5-16

  •  I need to know if you are qualified (and interested) in writing by May 11th so the existing board may consider those qualifications.
  • Sick bank – To access Sick Bank an individual would contact the Sick Bank chairperson (whoever that may be – right now it’s Keith Lange) and ask for the Sick Bank request form. The form can be sent to you through the mail or in an e-mail. You would follow the instructions on how to fill out the form and send it back to the Sick Bank chairperson in a timely manner. Once an individual has depleted all of their own personal sick/business days they would start in the Sick Bank. A verification letter would be sent to the individual (typically in twenty (20) day increments) until their doctor has cleared them to return to school. You may use a Maximum of 90 days in your career. (Anyone who is not participating cannot use days – no exceptions. The form is in the SEA contract p. 38. You all filled one out when you were hired – unless you chose not to participate. People can change their status but must resubmit the form before Sept. 1st to Julie Goolish @ Keller- no exceptions. If you remove yourself from the bank you do not get those unused days back.
  • NEA Fund envelopes have gone out to buildings to the reps. The NEA Fund is our voice in Washington—it speaks on behalf of our 3.2 million members from all 51 affiliates of the National Education Association. As the NEA’s national PAC, the NEA Fund provides direct financial support to recommended candidates for President, the U.S. House, and the U.S. Senate who will fight to support teachers, staff, and students and improve public education. The NEA Fund also supports pro-public education candidates in gubernatorial and other important state races as well as making independent expenditures asking people to vote for or against candidates based on their position on public education. Every member who contributes to the NEA Fund does so voluntarily. Every dollar contributed to a candidate, a political party, or independent expenditures is voluntarily given. NEA does not use dues dollars for this purpose. Just as the NEA Fund relies on small contributions from thousands of members, the NEA candidate recommendation process is driven by NEA membership. NEA never recommends or endorses a candidate for federal office without the support of your Illinois Education Association leaders. Many of you have already donated through payroll deduction. Please feel free to add more to the fund if you so choose J
  • We have a new logo contest for t-shirts, hats, etc. If you are interested, please create something the SEA can use to show our solidarity, love of education and devotion to our students. Please send me your ideas by May 13th. The winner will be announced before the end of the school year.



PS – Over 75% of people who read this will try to lick their elbow. HA!

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