SEA-side with Chery

Records Day is our last day of school. It is a full day. You should be using this time to complete any final report card corrections, the student cumulative folders, special education IEPs and any other records. If you have time during the day you may also finish packing boxes for any potential move. This is a WORK day and if we do not use it as such we run the risk of losing this day in future bargaining sessions. Yes, having a faculty luncheon is acceptable and appropriate (and fun!!). If you have questions, please contact me.

o   You should have received your placement for next year but only if you are making a significant move. IF you are staying right where you are you may not receive “official” notification. I also understand that some of the numbers for Special education are not completed. If there is a question or concern, please contact me.

o   On the same note, the 30% IEP students on a class is a State rule – this question was asked at the rep meeting.

o   When your schedule is set for next year, please check to make sure you have a duty free lunch, and all of your plan time (240 per week – 150 of which is your “personal” plan time). If there is an issue, NOW is the time to discuss with your building administrator. If you have concerns, please talk to your rep first and then your administrator. If it cannot be resolved, contact me.


IEA/NEA-Retired has nearly 10,000 members and represents ALL education retirees: Certified Educators, ESPs, Higher Education and their interests and retirement issues. $1 million in liability insurance for members who wish to continue part-time employment or substitute in public education. The IEA lobbying team works for active and retired members on education issues and to protect our pensions and 133,000 members collectively across the state stand together when attacked. Involvement with the organization that has a big impact on TRS. All four elected teacher positions on the TRS Board of Trustees are filled by IEA members and both annuitants on the TRS Board of Trustees are IEA-Retired members.

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A full range of Member Benefits Programs that can save you more in one year than the cost of lifetime dues. Check them out at:

A toll-free line so you can contact your organization and the retired staff person without cost. Call 1-800-252-8076 and ask for the retired contact or call Kim Riley directly at 309-662-5359.

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