SEA side with Chery 5-26-16

*I will be sending a survey monkey out very shortly after this email. It only has 15 questions and shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to fill out. Your executive team would really like the input so we may plan for next year. You will have until June 3rd at midnight to complete and you may forward the email home if you feel more comfortable doing so. Thank you.

* Your administrators can observe you at any point. At this time of the year, however, unless they see a huge issue, they should not input any info into common ground. Please contact your building rep or me if you are feeling troubled by an observation.

*Thanks so much to those you attended paper tigers last night. It was a very informative session. Many of us are attending the training session on June 14th in Elgin. If you are interested, please check the IEA website for more info.

*At this point of the year I do not spend much time in my office at Mead, so if you need me, please call my cell number. (630-400-8887) I have been visiting buildings, watching field days, presentations, and working out of the Palatine office.

*I will be working for you through June 10th. If you have questions, concerns, need assistance after June 10th, please email me using either account (listed below). I will check my email accounts over the summer but cannot promise an immediate response. Please only call my cell if you need immediate assistance. I will be in Washington DC representing you at the NEA-RA (National Education Association Representative Assembly) with others from our region the first 2 weeks in July and then on vacation the rest of the month.

630-400-8887 – I will not answer right away – please leave a message – I receive many robocalls (annoying).

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