SEA-side with Chery 6-2-16

Wonderful SEA Members –

CONGRATULATIONS – Because of your hard work, we have all earned the 1% enhanced compensation!!! It will be attached to next year’s salary schedule. We will receive a copy of that schedule in the fall. I am so proud to represent you each and every day. Again – Congrats on all your work with all of the students!!

I will be working for you on and off throughout the summer. If you have questions, concerns, need assistance, please email me using either account (listed below). I will check my email accounts over the summer but cannot promise an immediate response. Please only call my cell if you need immediate assistance. I will be in Washington DC representing you at the NEA-RA (National Education Association Representative Assembly) with others from our region the first 2 weeks in July and then on vacation the rest of the month.

Survey Monkey – if you haven’t completed the survey, please try and find time to do so. Thanks J

630-400-8887 – I will not answer right away – please leave a message – I receive many annoying robocalls.


PS – 100% of district 54 SEA members are the best of the best and I wish every single one of them the greatest summer. I hope you can relax at some point and let thoughts of the school year go for at least a little while. You are appreciated and supported by the SEA, IEA and NEA. Enjoy your time off. I can’t wait to hear about all the wonderful things you did over the summer.

Much respect – Chery

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