SEA side with Chery 8-25-16

CONGRATULATIONS! You have almost made it through your first week!!! I hope you all had a chance to see the PowerPoint from the SEA/SEEO yesterday. If you have questions, please contact me.


  • You should be checking the portal to make sure you have all your degrees listed and that you’re being compensated for them – has your address changed? Your name?  Any changes in contact info? Are all your sick days correct in AESOP? Any personal business you did not use last year should have changed over to sick leave for this year. Making sure that all of this information is correct is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Check the portal periodically to see that everything is correct. (There is a link to the portal on the  district’s SharePoint page)
  • Licensure update – you should have received an email from Pete Hannigan about recertification. The original system is still in place. PD can be entered at any time during the renewal cycle up to the time of renewal.  Teachers with advanced degrees can take a reduction in the amount of PD owed for the remainder of the renewal cycles through 2018. (120 for bachelors/80 for masters/40 for doctorate) There are no more reductions for advanced degrees for anyone whose first full 5 year renewal cycle began July 1, 2014 or after. You cannot pay for your license until April of the year that it expires.  Principals should continue to send CPDU forms to their employees. J Read through the attachment Pete sent and if you have questions, contact me  (6005) or Diana Peters @ 5035. Those that did not renew this past June (and should have) please do it immediately!!!
  • After you pay for your license through ISBE, please make sure the payment clears. We had a member who was notified that his payment never cleared so he paid again and now ISBE contacted him and he paid twice! They are going to take care of him but please make sure you are tracking payments like this – just a word to the wise! (Thanks, Chris!!)
  • Jr High staff – please remember that the Chromebooks are the property of the school district and, just like our laptops and desktops, they can see what you are searching for in any browser at any time. They will not spend time looking at what each staff member is doing 24/7 but if concerns arise they can. Please remain professional as we add this great new piece of technology into our classrooms. By the same token, let’s share with each other the wonderful websites, techniques and uses for the Chromebooks.


If you need me, call me. I will continue visiting more buildings next week. If you are doing something you want me to see, or you just want me to come over, call me or email me. I would love to see what is happening J



PS – did you know that the Wednesday staff development was an item that the union bargained for? Without that staff development, we would all be looking outside the district for our 120 hours of professional development and possible paying for those as well. KUDOS to the team bargained that into our contract!!


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