SEA side with Chery 9-1-16

Hello! I hope MAP testing is going well. Here are this week’s topics.

  • Base salary x 26 and compare to the lane and step you believe you belong. Problems? Contact Sally Skalany 5020 or Diana Peters 5035 – please be patient if they don’t return your call or email right away – the first pay could have errors – we all make mistakes – the new salary schedule is attached.
  • SCORE grant information attached – it is for early career staff (10years experience or under) and SEEO please buddy up with a veteran staff member if you like. Deadline is September 26, 2016 and notification of winners by the middle of October. Please use the link below to find out more – you can actually see some grants that were awarded from years past to get ideas J Talk it up in your buildings and get those great ideas flowing – please include your paras – they can apply as well!!
  • Jr High staff and Chromebooks – you are not “on call” 24/7 – yes, your students will email you all the time with questions. You do not need to answer them – if we didn’t have the Chromebooks you wouldn’t be expected to answer their email at all hours and that has not changed just because we added this new piece of technology. It’s up to you to decide when you stop answering emails but if you begin the year by answering every single one that comes in at all hours, you will set that as the norm and Dr. Myers said that is NOT the expectation and it is not wise. If you have concerns, please share them with me and I can get further clarification.
  • Urban grant information
  • Those jr high staff members who have fall student teachers – please contact your tech coaches – your student teachers should have logins for the Chromebooks – if you have questions or need help, contact Carolyn Lejman.
  • The School board relations team is looking for 2 more jr high reps. Eating dinner and having great discussions with a board member every other month is the basics. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Anjum Poonawalla.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. Have a great rest of the day and an even better weekend.


PS – did you know that in Alaska it is illegal to wake a bear to take its picture? It begs the question…why would you? Yikes!!!

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