SEA-side with Chery 10-6-16

BEST OF LUCK TODAY J I know that you will all be very successful today and your parents and students will benefit from your planning and care!

  • A note from Hobbs for all Jr High and Middle level @ LP – “The collaboration piece is REALLY easy for Junior High teachers because you have Google now! You can make splitting up the workload and having access to each other’s materials way more efficient with Google! And if you need help with this, you can always contact me (Hobbs) or your building tech coach. (reply to Hobbs @
  • Not having enough time in our day is the biggest concern I hear about in our district. Although personal plan time is laid out in our contract, it is up to you to ensure it is protected. If you schedule meetings of any kind during this time, it will become an expectation thus losing your most precious commodity…time! I understand that you have very full plates but please don’t give up what we bargained so hard for. Do your best to keep that time for you! If you need support in discussing this topic with your administrators or other staff, please enlist your SEA building rep’s help.
  • For those that are “close” to retirement – there is a meeting next Wednesday, October 12th for TRS @ Schaumburg High school, 4:30pm in room 200. This is a good time to come hear their latest news, find out the new rules and ask questions.
  • Those that are interested in doing some political phone banking for a local candidate, please take a look at our webpage for information. You can rsvp to me and I will let the IEA know you are interested

Have a wonderful long weekend – you have all earned this time and MUCH MUCH MORE!!


PS – There’s a Mumbai-based pizzeria that now delivers pizza by drone – if I order one will it still be hot when it gets here?

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