SEA-side with Chery 11-10-16

Happy Thursday!! Trimester 1 almost done 🙂

  • Are those underwear boxes filling up? Don’t forget to help our Community Closet by filling those boxes with socks and underwear for all ages .
  • Do you know an ESP that goes above and beyond? Please consider nominating them for ESP of the year. online form or paper form

Paper form attached J

  • Hungry? Head to the Village Tavern this month with your school ID for 20% off your own meal!
  • HAPPY AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK – you will receive a small token of appreciation from the SEA at the beginning of the next week. Thanks for all you do for our students!! YOU ROCK!
  • Here is the link to our current board policy on the pledge – this has not changed since 2002 – the board revisited the policy in 2013 but no changes were made. Basically the stance is you can’t require a child to stand or to say the pledge, but you can require they be respectful for those that choose to do so. Click on the link below and go into “Instruction” –  policy number 6:390

  • Are you looking for an amazing opportunity to expand your educational horizons AND add to your Domain 4?  Sign up to be a delegate for the upcoming IEA Representative Assembly!  This assembly meets March 30-April 1 in downtown Chicago with lodging and meal expenses paid by Region 35 and SEA.  The RA is your chance to be a voice for the district at the state level.  16 SEA members will be attending in addition to the hundreds of other IEA members from around the state.  Complete the attached nomination form and send it to Kara Zielinski at Enders-Salk. The deadline is Tuesday, November 15th.
  • Online Open Enrollment for 2017 Benefits –please read and follow the guidelines if you wish to change your benefits package – you received this email this past week from Nancy Rogers – this is your responsibility!!!

Monday, November 7th – Tuesday, November 22nd – Closes before Thanksgiving break

  • This is also a great time while you are in your employee access account to make sure everything else is up to date. If there are mistakes, contact HR asap to get it corrected.

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