SEA-side with Chery 12-22-16

We made it!! Winter break is finally here.

  • Eliasek scholarship information and paperwork is now available to every SEA and SEEO member’s families. If you have a child attending college, please look at the paperwork. I have attached it for your convenience.
  • Attached are the elections results from Monday. Congratulations to all those who are attending the IEA-RA! And congrats to our newest SEA member on the Region Council – Michele Mogilinski J
  • I have been asking you to care to confront but let’s also try to open to the “confrontation” as well. Open hearts and open minds can quickly heal the stress and tensions that others feel. If someone comes to you with a concern be open enough to listen and really hear what they have to say. Thanks.
  • Finally, I wish everyone the most joyous of holiday seasons. Whether you are staying home or traveling, I hope your winter break is restful and peaceful. I wish that you will be able to be with those that mean the most to you even if only in thought. Be safe and be happy.
  • Please try very hard not to take too much work home or any at all if you can avoid it. They call it Winter BREAK for a reason!!

Much love, peace and joy to you all from a very grateful friend!



·        PS – Holiday Blockbusters

Movies released during the holidays typically rake in big dough. The biggest one to date? Sherlock Holmes, which grossed about $24.6 million dollars on Christmas Day 2009 and set an all-time single-day record for Dec. 25. Avatar ranks first in New Year’s Day sales, having made nearly $25.3 million on Jan. 1, 2010. Also ranking high on the charts for both days is 2004’s Meet the Fockers, grossing $19.5 million on Christmas and $18.3 million on New Year’s Day. I’m excited to see a very cute movie called SING! but being a music teacher what can I say??

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