SEA-side with Chery 1-12-17

Welcome Back! I hope everyone enjoyed their break and found time to rest, relax and gear up for the long push to the end!!

Attachments this week: Eliasek scholarship forms; NEA form to apply to win a car; Degrees not debt flyer for early career teachers, Performance group application for the IEA-RA, a flyer from TRS about an informational meeting at the Palatine office in February and early career teacher retreat form for Feb 10 and 11

As SEA/IEA/NEA members you may receive an email for a “CALL TO ACTION” to contact your legislators to ask them to vote NO for Trump’s current candidate for Education Secretary. Please check out the NEA and IEA’s reason as to why we do not want her as our Secretary of Education. Go to and there is information on the home page. It is, of course, up to you to decide whether you want to send the request or not. Please consider checking it out and make your voice heard if you so choose! You do not need to wait for the email to make some noise J

The IEA-RA (representative assembly) is looking for performance groups to perform at the IEA-RA in March. Attached is the form to apply.

The SEA will be holding School Board Candidate interviews with the possibility of an SEA recommendation before the election in April. If you are interested in being a part of this group, please contact me by Tuesday, January 17th. If you need more info, you know how to find me!

There will be a run-off election on January 23rd at every building to decide the final IEA-RA attendee and alternate. Please make sure you vote!

Enjoy the extra day this weekend!! Keep warm


PS -“Almost” is the longest word in the English language with all the letters in alphabetical order.

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