Sea-side with Chery 4-13-17

Not much this week. I hope you enjoy your extra day off, please try to avoid doing any school work if at all possible.

According to the SEA By-Laws, in the event that the total number of candidates equals the number of elected officers’ positions allotted, no election will be necessary.

Per SEA Bylaws, this list of nominees will be sent to the schools at least 48 hours prior to the SEA General Meeting.  Nominations will also be accepted from the floor of the SEA General Meeting, April 17th, provided that the consent of the nominee has been obtained.

Candidate for President

Chery Anderson: I believe I have represented my members well and helped them achieve and acquire the information/materials and support they needed over the past two years and would like to continue protecting SEA members and their rights as president.  I strive to make and keep the SEA strong while listening to and acting upon the needs of my members.  I also look forward to bargaining a new contract for them that will meet their needs as we move into uncertain times for Illinois.


Candidate for Vice-President

Lori Mobley: Lori has served SEA at all levels of leadership including building representative, on the School Board Relations Team, on various SEA committees, and most recently as vice-president for the past term.  She has committed her personal time to furthering her knowledge of the union and collecting ideas to bring back to SEA.  Lori has worked tirelessly to ensure voices of all members are heard, leading to our union’s continued strength.


Have a great weekend!


PS – Your heart beats over 100,000 times a day. On average a hedgehog’s heart beats 300 times a minute.


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