SEA-side with Chery

It’s hard to believe that it’s May, especially with the horrible weather lately.

*As we begin to close things down, pack up, finish projects, etc, remember to take time for yourself to reflect and to destress. I hope you know what a wonderful job you have done this year with your students and colleagues.

*Bargaining News. The team will meet for the first time very soon. Watch your email and our webpage for more information over the next few weeks.

*Your executive team will meet for the last time on Monday. If you have any items you wish us to discuss, please contact me so we may do just that.

*On May 22nd your building reps will have their last meeting of the year. We invite any new reps for next year to attend. As always, if you have ideas, suggestions or concerns, please let your reps know or contact me so we may discuss them with all the reps and create solutions.


Have a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekend! No more rain – my lilies of the valley are now lilies of the lake!!


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