SEA-side with Chery 8-10-17

Just an early SEAside for those that are already in the buildings.

Welcome back! I sincerely hope your summer was what you had hoped it would be.

A couple of very important attachments:

  • Our current salary schedule
  • Volunteer opportunities to support our Foundation during Septemberfest – if you are interested, please contact Donna Anderson @ 5138
  • SCORE grants for our early career educators – these applications are due AUGUST 28th! Team up with an experienced staff member (or experienced staff – team up with an early educator) and don’t forget to include your ESPs! This is the link (so no attachment) – Please, please check this out – look at the requirements and then think of the possibilities! Look at the list of past winners – you might see something you can do in your classroom!


FYIs – we are bargaining this year and your input will be invaluable and lastly our UniServ director, Jackie Robbins, retired in June so we are searching for a new person. A UniServ Director (UD) is our link to the IEA and NEA and helps us connect with legal services, financial assistance, one on ones with members, the UD attends meetings and makes sure that our district is following the IEA/NEA guidelines just to name a few of the critical roles he/she plays. This person is a VITAL part of our team. We hope to have our new UD in place in a couple of weeks.


That’s it for now. I wish you all the best for a great school year.

Below is my contact information and remember I am here for you!


PS – Taking a nap after learning something helps improve your retention – let’s hear it for naptime!!!


Chery Anderson
SEA President

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