SEA-side with Chery 8-24-17

It’s a terrific Thursday! I hope you all agree!!

Attachment for today:

  • Unique work days calendar – this calendar shows you the days that we should not be taking off without a written excuse according to our contract. If you have questions, please contact your building rep.

News for today:

  • We can all agree that there is no “substitute” for you in your classroom. Please keep in mind that it is possible that your plans, as excellent and concise as I know they are, might not be completed by your substitute when you are absent. You are the expert, our subs are in a different classroom each day and sometimes two in one day. Many of them are not teachers nor do they have any teaching experience. The district is doing the best they can to get qualified people in but there is a shortage of substitutes all around the country! Our sub pay is comparable with other districts around us.
  • ISBE updated – if you change names, home emails or other significant personal data please let ISBE/ELIS know – if they do not have the correct information they cannot contact you when you are due for renewal – our district is not responsible to renew your license even though HR does inform us when we are up for renewal (which other districts do not do).
  • You should know by now if you are being evaluated this year and who is evaluating you. A director can evaluate you w/o a type 75 license if they passed the evaluation certification which all our district directors have done. If you have questions about your evaluator, please contact me.


Enjoy this beautiful weather! If you need me, my contact info is below.

Check out our webpage and like us on FACEBOOK – Schaumburg Education Association


PS – Listening to music while working helps to create a positive mood, and helps you to become more productive.



Chery Anderson

SEA President

Schaumburg School District 54

Schaumburg IL

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