SEA side with Chery 10-5-17

Good Morning. Happy Conferences!!

2 concerns came up at our Executive Board Meeting this past Monday that I wanted to highlight for you. They are as follows and may pertain to the elementary staff more than the jr high. These are direct answers from Dr. Knoll; she was, as always, very helpful and if anyone has questions she asked they please call her.

1 – Accessibility to Science Assessments:

  • The science assessments were originally on CD’s (we were so much lower tech when we made that textbook purchase) but we have added the software to the D54 Software Library so staff no longer needs the CD.  Below is a link to the software library and helpdesk directions to access.  Once logged in, folks can access science and all other software programs.


Software Library:




If anyone needs support with accessing and pulling questions from the software, the helpdesk folks can certainly support.  If anyone needs instructional support, Jim Vreeland could certainly support.

2-Changing PDF assessments into word documents so you may modify them:

  • We want teams to be able to modify the assessments to match the needs of their students so this is something we want to clear up.  Below are the directions we have found folks use to modify the PDF’s without taking a lot of time to modify into Word:
  1. Save the PDF from Benchmark to your desktop.
  2. Open Word
  3. In Word, select “open” and open the PDF from your desktop into Word. By doing so, Word will automatically prompt you to agree to convert.
  4. Enable editing and save the converted Word doc to your desired file location.
  5. Reformat (You do have to open Word though before opening the PDF or it won’t work.)


I (Dr. Knoll) will work with the helpdesk regarding the formatting once in Word so there isn’t a great deal of time wasted modifying.  Ideally, they would be able to cut and paste directly from the Word document.  Again, I’ll work with the helpdesk to make sure this is the case.  Keep you posted on what I find out.

1 – Degrees Not Debt Program – this is the information and work day at the Palatine Office – although I know some are waiting for Danielle Rovner to come to their buildings this training session will help you fill out paperwork and give you details Danielle might not have.

2 – SCORE grants – this is money for you to use with your classes or a club, etc. There needs to be a new employee involved in the grant writing – a new SEA or SEEO member – the NEW DEADLINE is November 3rd – please consider this – I can also get you contact info for someone from the Palatine Office to help you write the grant. They extended because they didn’t have enough applicants! It could be a way to help you get more books in your classroom, new supplies for a project, play equipment, etc. Please consider this!

3 – For those who are thinking about retirement, here is a list of local TRS meetings. You should attend one meeting close to your retirement date – it’s great information – I learned so much last year when I attended.

That’s it – you are the BEST EVER!!

Have GREAT conferences today and tomorrow. And enjoy your extended weekend.


PS – Are you getting your “Fun 15?” Are your students? More info on this later J


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