SEA side with Chery 9-21-17

Happy (almost) Fall! Not much like fall weather but we will get there I’m sure.

Not much today!

  • Confidentiality – taking a colleague instead of a building rep with you to a meeting with an administrator is not the best idea. Building reps are trained and have information that other members do not.
  • Your membership information is with your building reps. Please make sure you examine it carefully, make any changes necessary and initial that you have done so. If it is correct, you still need to initial by your info.
  • If you are interested in ordering an SEA shirt – your building reps have the info, please see them!

Enjoy the great weather.


PS – Netflix has invented a ‘Netflix and Chill’ button that can be programmed to automatically order food, dim the lights, silence your phone, and put Netflix on the TV. That’s my kind of button!!

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