SEA side with Chery 1-11-18

Welcome Back – I hope everyone had time to relax and not think about school at all!


The registration is live for the NEA Leadership Summit to be hosted in Chicago over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  The spots for the Summit fill up quickly, so the Region will be accepting the first 7 members who apply for funding through the Region 35 Funding Request form found on under the Region tab.  If selected for funding, you will be reimbursed up to $650 to cover registration, ½ day sub, double occupancy hotel, parking, and meals not provided at the event.  Please look at the sessions carefully to decide if you would like to attend.  The offerings are somewhat different than years past.  You can find the session offerings, registration, and other specifics here: – contact Kara Zielinski or Chery Anderson for more information. (Flyer attached)


Here is the link for our 2nd bargaining survey – the number were so very close regarding records day that we pulled out 1 option – it is IMPERATIVE that you vote so your voice is heard. We only had 550 out of 1350 members vote the last time – it is only 1 question and can be done right this second J I want to make sure we ask for the appropriate day. Record’s Day Survey


Bargaining update – the team is meeting as a full group one more time next week and then the negotiations team will head to the bargaining table. I will be giving the building reps directions on how to access the member’s only site to see the updates. Thank you to all who sent in proposals and thank to all our bargaining team – they have done great work over the past many months!!


Bylaws help – the SEA is in the process of updating our bylaws according to the new IEA model. It is almost done but we need a few members to help read through the document and work with Michelle Burke and me to clean it up. If this is something of interest to you, please contact me or Michelle Burke (Hale Speech Path). You do not need any union experience or have any special knowledge just a keen eye and good reading skills. This is a great way to get involved “under the radar.” I will attach the new and improved bylaws for everyone’s perusal sometime in February. It is the document that governs our association, please glance through it when it comes out.


Have a great day and enjoy the long weekend!!



PS – Hyperthymesia is the condition of remembering every single event in your life. I’m glad I don’t have this – there are things I’d like to forget…like my hairdos from the 80’s!!

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