SEA side with Chery 2-1-18

Welcome February J Can you believe it? It’s February!!!

Last Friday you received an email from Dr. Hannigan regarding the SB7 update here in Schaumburg. The site closes tomorrow, February 2, 2018.

The confirmation process must be completed by Friday, February 2, 2018 at 4:00 pm.  If staff members do not confirm their qualifications and summative ratings by Friday, February 2, whatever information is on file will stand.  HR will not make any exceptions and make changes to employees’ qualifications and/or summative ratings after February 2.  Lastly, HR will work with staff on leave or other extenuating circumstances that do not have access to a District issued computer to ensure their information is accurate. Remember, the district has no intention of using the RIF list, it is a state regulation to create such a list.


Do you want to help make decision for your organization? Fill out a nomination form for any of the following positions: 2018-19 SEA Building Rep., Region 35 Council Rep., and NEA-Representative Assembly Delegate (in Minneapolis this summer!),  Nomination forms are due Feb. 26th to Kelly O’Reilly @ RAC. All forms are available on our webpage but I have also attached them for your convenience. These are all great ways to be “in the know” about your district, local association, state affiliate and national organization. It also looks great in domain 4!


This is the new date for the Degrees Not Debt presentation at the Palatine Office –  Feb 22. click on the link to register.


We are also looking for “readers” for our scholarship applications. It’s easy, you let me know you are interested and I will contact Linda Stolt. Linda will send you the applications to read and directions on how to score each application. We have anywhere from 3 – 10 applications every year. Your help is greatly appreciated. This is a wonderful way to be involved in your association (under the “radar”) and help college students get the funds they need for college. All the scholarships go to our members families!! Let me know if you can help J


Phew! That’s enough info for today. Have a great rest of the week and enjoy your weekend as well.