Mobley’s Monday Message 8-20-18


“Education is the MOST powerful weapon for changing the world.”
–Nelson Mandel


You are about to change the world…you are about to change the world for a special group of children about to enter your buildings. Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year and to your membership to the Schaumburg Education Association.


On this first day of school, I hope you are filled with excitement to meet the students’ whose lives you are about to change. I hope you realize just how important you are going to be to each special child.


You are Important!


You are Important to our district. I think about the way our district has brought the Happiness Advantage to us as a way to help us make a positive difference in our buildings and to help us achieve our fullest potential. We have been reminded to celebrate and take time to invest in the people around us. At some point today, take a moment to share your gratitudes.


You are Important to our students and communities. You are going to change students’ lives and help them dream, believe, and achieve their goals. You are going to provide your students with a safe, caring environment they look forward to coming to each morning.


You are Important to the Schaumburg Education Association. When I think about the letters SEA, the “S” stands for Support, the “E” stand for Encourage, and the “A” stands for Advocate. These are the three most important things I will do for you as your association’s president.


And you are Important to our association.   We, together, are the SEA! I look forward to visiting your schools, working together, and supporting, encouraging, and advocating for you throughout this year.

There are several ways you can get in touch with me this year. My office is located at Eisenhower in Room 103, x. 5450. You can call my cell (847-344-5249) or reach me via my personal email: Visit our SEA Facebook page or follow SEA on Twitter @D54SEA. Feel free to share not just concerns, but what great things are happening in your buildings.   Enjoy your first week doing what you love and are called to do…making a difference!


Lori Mobley

Schaumburg Education Association President

Cell: (847) 344-5249

Office @IKE: (847) 357-5450 



Just for fun, what can you do this week to celebrate these National Days?

Monday, August 20th: National Pecan Pie Day

Tuesday, August 21st: National Senior Citizens Day

Wednesday, August 22nd: National Tooth Fairy Day

Thursday, August 23rd: National Ride the Wind Day

Friday, August 24th: National Waffle Day


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