Mobley’s Monday Message 2-21-22

Happy Presidents’ Day, SEA!

Thank you for being so quick to adapt to a virtual format for our parent/teacher conferences last week.  I hope you have been able to find some well-deserved downtime this weekend.

Here are some of the highlights and links from this week’s Monday Message:

I have also attached the nomination forms to be a Building Rep or a Region 35 Council Rep during the 2022-2023 School Year once again this week.  The Monday Message shares a little bit more about these roles.  I appreciate the way in which our building reps have really stepped it up over the past couple of years to support all of the SEA members in your buildings.  It is such a valued role! You will see that some of your buildings still have opportunities for more representation.  If you have never been a representative before and want to find out more about what it entails, feel free to give me a call.