Mobley’s Message 8-29-2022

Good morning, SEA!

Looking forward to the three day weekend ahead?   ME TOO!

Here is your weekly Monday Message for 8/29.  

Also attached to this post is a copy of IEA’s Insider which has some valuable information from the month of August.  Please note, the IEA spirit wear store has closed, however the SEA will be opening up their own Spirt Wear Store which is COMING SOON!  

In the “Membership Opportunities” section of this week’s Monday Message, you will find some information about a new “Teacher Leadership Pathways Project” being offered from the Illinois Education Association’s Opportunity Coalition and Northwestern University.   They are willing to lower the price of the program if we have a group of 3 or more SEA members interested.  Be sure to fill out the form in the Monday Message if you are at all interested so we can work with the Opportunity Coalition for the discount.  

Looking forward to meeting with SEA’s Executive Board today afterschool. 

Enjoy these last few days of August, everyone!