Mobley’s Message 05-08-2023

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week, SEA!

Was it last week? Is it this week?  It really is this week, but even if you celebrated next week, why not continue celebrating as we all know how important the work is that we do for our students and school communities!  

Next Monday, May 15, is our final SEA election of the year.  Members will be voting for SEA President and Vice President, as well as a handful of our schools will be having a building rep special election.  You can find the specifics in this week’s May 8, 2023, Edition of the Monday Message

Other highlights you will find this week include…

Also, next Monday, May 15, during the SEA Election, we will be taking up our annual donation to the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education.  You can find out more in the Monday Message.  Building Reps, you should have received the collection envelope with your election materials.  

Believe it or not, today the report card window officially opens.  That just means we are getting one step closer to summer vacation!  15 more school days!!  Have a great week!