Mobley’s Monday Message 10-1-18

“Happiness is like jam…you can’t spread even a little without getting some on yourself.” ~Anonymous


Can you believe it is October already? I thoroughly enjoyed my September tour to all 28 District 54 schools. It was exciting to see even though our curriculum might be the same, each building is truly unique in its own way. From the programs that are offered, to the students and staff, to the building layouts, to the innovative teaching, we are very fortunate to be a part of this district. If I didn’t make it to your classroom, feel free to invite me anytime to see what great things are going on.


I do have one special visit planned this week to Jennifer Sword’s classroom at Muir. I get to do a read-aloud and help out with Guided Writing this Wednesday afternoon. Jennifer received a ‘gift of time’ from me, as she was randomly chosen for responding to one of my “Peak Moments” tweets. If you haven’t followed me yet, find the Schaumburg Education Association on Twitter @D54SEA or on Facebook (


Take a moment to think, would you drive without car insurance? If you own a home, you have home owner’s insurance, right? Your membership to the SEA, IEA, & NEA is basically your educator’s insurance.   As a member you are eligible for $1 million in employment liability insurance and eligible for $35,000 reimbursement for legal fees and costs if ever a case was brought against you. This is just one of the benefits for joining our association. I have attached a document states other privileges. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about what’s in it for you if you join.


Heard of the Employee Assistance Program that is offered to use through our benefits plan? EAPs help employees deal with situations that might negatively impact job performance, health and well-being. Short-term counselling and referral services are available. The 24/7 access phone number is 1-877-215-6614. This is a confidential service that is of no cost to you or your eligible family members. The flyer is attached.


With conferences this week, I wanted to send out the information regarding your hours. Certified staff work at least 12 hours, but enough to complete conferences. Elementary Fine Arts and PE (which does include LRTs), work their regular school hours on Thursday and 1.5 hours on Friday. At least one and one-half hours must be worked on Friday by all full-time employees, except all instructional assistants and registered nurses. Everyone must get a dinner break. This information, including information about SEEO members’ conference requirements was sent out to administration last week and is available on SharePoint.   The hours we work for Parent-Teacher conferences is not something in our contract, except language for PE and Fine Arts.


As you are busy preparing for conferences, be sure to think about the many positive attribute about your students and share them with families. Yes, we want to share goals the child has set for themselves, but take time to ask the parents what life-long goals they have for their children, as one of our schools is doing this year.   Show the families how much you value their child and some of the things you are promising them this year, especially to be a positive influence in their lives.


I know some people are not receiving this message as the Help Desk is trying to work through some of the name changes on this distribution list.  The Monday Messages are posted each week on our SEA website.   If you know someone who is not receiving any SEA correspondence, please let me know and I will check in with district.


Enjoy the long weekend ahead! You all deserve to find some relaxation time with family, pets, or other loved ones after the completion of conferences.


Important Dates in October:

October 1st: SEA Executive Board Meeting

October 4th/5th: Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 8th: No School – Columbus Day

October 10th: SEA Member Outing – “Meet the SEA Leadership” Fox & Hound (1416 N. Roselle Rd., Schaumburg) beginning at 3:30 PM or whenever you can get there!  A flyer is attached.

October 11th: Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Presentation, 5 PM Palatine-IEA

October 15th: SEA Building Representatives Meeting 3:30

October 25th: ACEs 101 – 4:30-7 PM Palatine-IEA; Click here for the registration link.


Here are some fun national days this week:

October 1st: World Bullying Prevention Day

October 2nd: National Name Your Car Day

October 3rd: National Walk to School Day

October 4th: National Taco Day

October 5th: National Do Something Nice Day…what a great way to end the week!





Lori Mobley

Schaumburg Education Association President

Cell: (847) 344-5249

Office @IKE: (847) 357-5450


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